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The 2023 Session of the Florida Legislature will include consideration of a number of bills affecting breweries, wineries, distilleries, retailers and consumers. The 2022 regular session of the Florida Legislature kicks off Tuesday, March 7, 2023. This 2-month session will see the consideration of a number of bills that could affect the Florida beverage industry as soon as July....

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Florida’s Temporary Alcohol Licenses: FAQ

Applicants for a Florida alcoholic beverage license–whether a manufacturing, distribution, or retail vendor license–can get a Temporary Initial License. What is it? What is a Temporary Initial License? A Temporary Initial License allows alcoholic beverage companies to get an alcoholic beverage license more quickly. As soon as the Temporary Initial License is issued, the licenseholder can immediately begin the...

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Transfer of Florida Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturer: 5 Keywords

Rather than launching a new Florida alcoholic beverage manufacturer, it might be better to buy an existing operation. The Buyer gets a built-out premises, with all the equipment and buildout already in place, and a built-in customer base. The Seller gets to move onto other things. Business transfer transaction are always complicated, and even more so in a heavily...

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What Florida Law Says about Pop-Up Bars & Restaurants

Nothing. Despite the popularity of pop-up bars and restaurants, Florida does not have special laws and regulations that are specifically aimed at these short-term hospitality concepts. That’s a problem for pop-up organizers. The primary attributes of pop-ups are their limited durations (sometimes as short as one event) and their uncommon locations (abandoned businesses, building rooftops, airplane hangars, etc.). But...

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Florida Alcoholic Beverage Storage Permits: Which One is Right?

Florida Beverage Law authorizes two types of permits for the storage of alcoholic beverages: the Off Premises Storage (OPS) permit and the State Bonded Warehouse (SBW) permit. A comparison chart showing the different attributes of both permits is below. Off Premises Storage (OPS): Ideal for Vendors The Off Premises Storage (OPS) permit is intended for the storage of taxpaid,...

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Brewers’ Law 101: Federal FDA Food Facility Registration

The manufacturing of food products, including alcoholic beverages, is regulated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of food safety and other areas. Before manufacturing or selling alcoholic beverages (or any other food product), unless an exception...

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Florida Production Brewery or Brewpub: Which License is Right for You?

In the State of Florida, two different licenses are available to make beer and malt beverages for commercial sale. Which beer manufacturing license is right for you? Factor Production Brewery License (CMB License) Brewpub License (CMBP License) What does the license let you do? Make beer and malt beverages and deliver it to licensed distributors. Make beer and malt beverages...

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Mobile Alcohol Sales Are (Mostly) Not Permitted in Florida

Imagine a business–call it Mobile Bar–that brings the bar to you. You hire Mobile Bar for a reception, party or other event held at your home, office, or other private property. Mobile Bar has a cool, old trailer, truck, or standing bar that it brings to your location. Mobile Bar handles buying all the beer, wine and liquor and...

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Searchable Penalty Guidelines Table

What happens when a Florida licensed beverage company violates the Florida Beverage Law? In 1994, the ABT issued penalty guidelines concerning single and repeated violations of the Florida Beverage Law. While these penalty guidelines have not been updated to reflect all changes to the law since 1994, it is a helpful guide to the ABT’s disciplinary actions. Unfortunately, the...

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Alcoholic Beverage Contract Manufacturing in Florida: Two Model Processes

Sometimes an alcoholic beverage brand developer wants to focus on developing and promoting a product brand and leave the manufacturing to someone else (sometimes called “white labeling”). This can mean good business for the manufacturer too. Whether the product is classified a beer, wine, or distilled spirits, a variety of contract manufacturing arrangements are available in Florida. This article...

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