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Florida Farm-to-Flask: SB 46 “Craft” Distilleries Bill – Get to Know Your Local Farmer, Fast

Hi Brewers’ Law distillers, vintners, brewers, distributors, industry followers! Kara Ann Groves here of Groves Law, the ag-focused branch of BrewerLong, subbing in to bring you the crossover you didn’t know you needed. I’ve been around since the start of Brewers’ Law, and we now collectively service and connect producers and wholesalers across these industries. And SB 46, or...

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Florida Beverage Legislation: 2021 Post-Session Review of Beverage Bills

The 2021 Session of the Florida Legislature will result in major changes to the Florida Beverage Laws affecting how craft distilleries and restaurants sell alcoholic products. Both houses of the Florida Legislature passed two major bills related to alcoholic beverage sales: SB 46 and SB 148. As of this writing, neither bill has been sent to the Governor, but...

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Florida Roadway Signs for Beverage Manufacturers

If life is a highway, where do you stop for a drink? With over 274,000 lane miles–seventh most in the United States (per Cubit’s Blog)–Florida offers a lot of ways for people to get to where they’re going, including breweries, wineries, and distilleries. To help people get there, the Florida Statutes authorize roadway directional signs for qualifying alcoholic beverage...

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Making & Selling Ready-to-Drink Cocktails in Florida

Ready-to-drink (RTD) or canned cocktails are growing in popularity. According to Grand View Research, the global RTD cocktails market is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.1% from 2020 through 2027. Kevin Roberts, the executive vice president of supplier engagement for the alcohol distributor Breakthru Beverage Group, said “You have a convenience trend happening, you have...

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Fernet: Making and Selling it in Florida

Argentina’s Favorite Italian Spirit Fernet is an aromatic spirit made from herbs and spices in a grape spirit base. It can be enjoyed as a digestif, as the prominent ingredient in a cocktail, or as a cocktail bitter. Fernet originated in Italy, and the Italian distillery Fratelli Branca is the leading worldwide producer. However, fernet is most popular in...

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Summary Guide to Florida Alcohol Delivery

Who can delivery beer, wine, and distilled spirits directly to the homes of Florida customers? See the following summary chart and the explanations below. Florida Breweries Cannot Deliver Alcohol to Customers’ Homes While certain breweries are allowed by Florida law to sell alcoholic beverages to customers, breweries are specifically prohibited from delivering alcohol away from their licensed taproom or...

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Alcoholic Beverage Importers and Exporters in Florida

Like alcoholic beverage manufacturers, distributors, and vendors, importers and exporters are subject to strict regulations and licensing by the federal government and the State of Florida. What Florida Importers & Exporters Can and Cannot Do In the alcoholic sales channel, importers play the role of getting products from overseas through US Customs and into the hands of distributors. Licensed...

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Florida Farm Wineries: Operating in All Three Tiers

Florida’s Three Tier System is a source of constant frustration for most of Florida’s alcoholic beverage and manufacturers. Brewers, distilleries, and (most) wineries are prohibited from distributing their own products to retail vendors. Florida breweries and distilleries are prohibited from selling their products to online customers. Florida distilleries can have gift shops, but they are prohibited from selling beverages...

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Florida’s Three Tier System: Statutory Foundations

The Separation of Tiers In the aftermath of the Repeal of Prohibition, most states adopted some form of the Three Tier System. Generally, the Three Tier System is intended to regulate the alcoholic beverage industry by separating manufacturers and importers (First Tier), distributors and wholesalers (Second Tier), and retail vendors (Third Tier). Florida has a strong Three Tier System....

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Alcohol Catering with Florida Quota License

The next reception you attend might be catered by your favorite bar. Alcohol Catering: Bringing the Bar to You Florida’s Alcoholic Beverage Law authorizes alcohol catering by two kinds of licenseholders. An alcohol beverage catering license (13CT) is available to licensed food caterers, and allows them to sell and serve alcoholic beverages at events along with food catering (see...

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