Federal Regulation | Read Time: 4 minutes

Federal Advertising Rules for Alcoholic Beverages

Nearly all actors in the alcoholic beverage industry are subject to federal advertising regulations administered by the Trade Investigations Division of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). Separate regulations cover beer (27 CFR Part 7), wine (27 CFR Part 4), and distilled spirits (27 CFR Part 5), and there are a number of TTB administrative rulings...

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Federal Regulation | Read Time: 3 minutes

TTB: Generous Payment Terms Violate Federal Law

Under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act’s unfair competition and unlawful practices statute (27 US Code Section 205), alcohol suppliers are prohibited from selling alcohol to wholesalers and retailers on consignment. The TTB recently released Industry Circular 2022-1, which discusses the TTB’s position that long payment terms may violate the federal anti-consignment law. Federal Law Prohibits Anti-Competitive Arrangements Under Section...

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Federal Regulation | Read Time: 2 minutes

FDA Prior Notice Required for Imported Alcohol

FDA Prior Notice Provides Key Information about Imported Alcohol The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requires that a Prior Notice of Imported Foods be filed before any food product–including alcoholic beverages–be imported into the United States. The FDA Prior Notice is required regardless on the quantity of products being imported. For instance, a FDA Prior Notice is required...

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