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Florida Distilleries Cannot Sell All of Their Products in the Gift Shop (Yet)

The laws concerning craft distilleries was updated in 2021. As a result, this blog post no longer reflects current Florida law. For the latest, see: 2021 FLORIDA CRAFT DISTILLERIES LAW: GENERAL OVERVIEW. Florida craft distilleries are allowed to sell their own distilled products in their gift shops. However, this does not include the products a craft distillery makes by...

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Working with Beverage Caterers

Alcoholic beverage caterers can be great business partners for Florida breweries, wineries and distilleries. As well as supplying beer and wine for catered events, manufacturers can host catered events in their retail and manufacturing spaces, provided they follow the right regulatory steps.

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What Beverage Manufacturers Should Know About Opportunity Zones

Beverage manufacturers–breweries, distilleries, and wineries–are ideally suited to bring valuable investment to rundown neighborhoods and distressed communities. These are the exact areas targeted by the Opportunity Zone tax incentives created by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Some new and existing beverage manufacturers might benefit from locating in “O-Zones.”

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You Can’t Tag This

Think before you post, tag, tweet, or instagram. Florida beverage manufacturers want to maintain good relationships with the bars, tasting rooms, and restaurants that sell their products. As a manufacturer, it’s natural to want to support the vendors that support you. But when it comes to promoting vendors on social media, Florida beverage manufacturers must use caution.

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TTB Delays & How to Minimize Them

Waiting for the TTB’s approval for a new beverage manufacturer has always been frustrating. Unfortunately, that wait could get a lot longer, especially for new breweries. TTB permit processing times According to the TTB’s posted information, the average number of days for approval of a new brewery jumped from 115 days in July 2015 to 132 days in August...

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