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FL Breweries & Distilleries: Be Wary of Home Delivery Service Apps

The terms and conditions for popular food and alcohol delivery service apps may be incompatible with the Florida Beverage Law’s prohibition on alcohol home delivery by breweries and craft distilleries. Florida Breweries and Craft Distilleries are Prohibited from Making Deliveries to Customers The Florida Beverage Law (specifically Florida Statutes Section 561.57(1)) generally allows licensed alcohol vendors to accept remote...

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How Florida Beverage Laws Affect Fortified Wine

Fortified Wine – What Is It? “Fortified wine” generally refers to any wine to which a distilled spirit has been added. Common examples of fortified wine include port, sherry, madeira, and vermouth. The most common fortifying ingredient is brandy, a liquor produced by distilling wine. Not surprisingly, Florida law (and indirectly federal law) does a fine job of handling...

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