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The Florida Breweries Report – March 2014

Property of BrewerLong PLLC 2014 - Sarah Parker

The number of active Florida breweries increased by 4 in March 2014. Newcomers include Motorworks Brewing, Six Ten Brewing, Sea Dog Brewing Co. – Clearwater, and BrewHub. In addition, Yuengling Brewing Co. – Tampa is back in action, and Sailfish Brewing Co. makes the jump from the brewpub ranks. They’re all reflected on The Florida Breweries Report.



Notes about The Florida Breweries Report

  • We’ve made some improvements with our second installment of The Breweries Report, including a new column, “Ranking Change”
    to show how each brewery’s monthly ranking compares to the prior month.
  • The Florida Breweries Report only reflects information about each breweries reported taproom sales, as reflected on the ABT’s monthly wholesale reports for March 2014, the most recent information available. The full production and sales (taproom and distribution) numbers for Florida breweries are not publicly available.
  • Because The Florida Breweries Report is limited to taproom sales, we’ve decided to include Anheuser Busch’s reported sales at its Jacksonville plant. Think of it as a control group.
  • The Florida Breweries Report reflects the active CMB-licensed breweries in Florida. The Florida Brewpubs Report separately tracks Florida CMBP-licensed brewpubs.

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