The Florida Wineries Report – August 2014

Florida Wineries Report LogoOne new winery and one new meadery in August’s Florida Winery Report.

Monthly Highlights

  • Two new manufacturers are added to The Florida Wineries Report: De Luna Winery in Pensacola, and In the Mead Time in West Palm Beach. Neither manufacturer reported retail sales in August.
  • Based on taxpaid sales, monthly sales at Florida’s wineries by 17.3%. Annualized sales for the winemakers’ was down by 0.97% compared to the prior month for the second month in a row.
  • Notes About The Florida Wineries Report have been moved to the bottom of this post.

Florida Wineries Monthly Taxpaid Sales

We start out with each Florida winery’s taxpaid sales volume for the month of August 2014. Seabreeze Winery moved into the top spot for the month.

Reported Monthly Taxpaid Sales by Florida Wineries
for the month of August 2014
Monthly RankRanking ChangeWineryCitySales
(in cases)
1+1Seabreeze WineryPanama City Beach358.82
2+1Schnebly Redland’s WineryHomestead317.67
3-2Keel & Curley WineryPlant City288.25
4+2Florida WineryMadeira Beach221.02
5-1Aspirations WineryClearwater124.83
6-1Island Grove Wine Co.Hawthorne114.71
7+2Quantum Leap WineryOrlando98.04
8+9Copp WineryCrystal River74.17
9+4Flagler Beachfront WineryFlagler Beach61.58
10-2Bunker Hill Vineyard & WineryDuette58.11
11+1Kelley’s Traditional Irish CiderCape Canaveral57.98
12-2Endless Summer Vineyard & WineryFt Pierce53.95
13-2Henscratch FarmsLake Placid46.95
14+17Florida Distillers Co.Winter Haven46.49
150Southern Brewing & WinemakingTampa40.34
16+5Florida Estates WineryLand O’Lakes34.29
17+1Murielle WineryClearwater32.71
18+4Tangled Oaks VineyardGrandin25.89
19-3Bluefield Estate WineryGainesville25.39
200Tarpon Springs Castle WineryTarpon Springs23.97
21+6Al Rite Fruits & SyrupsMiami16.99
22-8Wine Making PantrySarasota13.49
23+2Royal Manor Meadery & WineryInterlachen12.10
24+12Corkscrew WineryOcala9.66
25+7Gilded Grape WineryPort Charlotte9.33
26+4Two Lions WineryDunedin7.57
27-8Hutchinson Farm WineryApopka7.16
28+16Beer & Winemakers PantryPinellas Park6.00
29+5Monticello vineyards & WineryMonticello5.16
30-1Brookstone WinesBrooksville4.99
31+6Log Cabin WinerySatsuma4.12
32+8Mango BottlingCocoa4.00
33-9Redi-2-Drinq ShotpaqSarasota3.44
34+5Old Oaks VineyardBonifay2.66
35+3Bootleggers Beer & Wine Home Brewing SuppliesBrandon2.52
36-1Time to Make WineFort Myers2.41
37-14Southshore UncorkedApollo Beach2.33
38-5D’vine Wine Your Place or MineWinter Springs2.33
39+4Cosy Wine CornerBonita Springs2.08
40+1Beverage Operation TechnologyPompano Beach0.00
41-34Naples WinemakingNaples0.00
42-16Grande Ridge WineryOld Town0.00
43-1Oak Haven WinerySorrento0.00
44-16Yellow River VineyardHolt0.00
450True Blue WineryDavenport0.00

Florida Wineries’ LTM Taxpaid Sales

Our next table shows taxpaid sales by each winery for the 12 months ending August 2014. Last twelve months (LTM) is a method of measuring and comparing performance without the impact of seasonal or monthly variances. There were no changes in the Top 10, and few changes throughout the rankings.

Last Twelve Months (LTM) Reported Taxpaid Sales by Florida Wineries
for the month of August 2014
Monthly RankRanking Change WineryCitySales
(in cases)
10Keel & Curley WineryPlant City6,741.05
20Schnebly Redland’s WineryHomestead4,890.42
30Seabreeze WineryPanama City Beach4,497.90
40Florida WineryMadeira Beach2,467.34
50Island Grove Wine Co.Hawthorne1,951.62
60Aspirations WineryClearwater1,880.75
70Quantum Leap WineryOrlando1,584.08
80Bunker Hill Vineyard & WineryDuette1,207.03
90Endless Summer Vineyard & WineryFt Pierce1,038.16
100Murielle WineryClearwater936.28
110Henscratch FarmsLake Placid900.10
120Flagler Beachfront WineryFlagler Beach761.13
130Copp WineryCrystal River727.66
140Wine Making PantrySarasota564.29
150Royal Manor Meadery & WineryInterlachen551.76
16+2Kelley’s Traditional Irish CiderCape Canaveral490.95
17-1Tarpon Springs Castle WineryTarpon Springs490.75
18-1Florida Estates WineryLand O’Lakes464.89
19+1Bluefield Estate WineryGainesville403.32
20-1True Blue WineryDavenport402.84
210Tangled Oaks VineyardGrandin350.75
22+1Southern Brewing & WinemakingTampa313.24
23-1Redi-2-Drinq ShotpaqSarasota307.58
240Naples WinemakingNaples242.02
250Oak Haven WinerySorrento239.80
260Florida Distillers Co.Winter Haven232.28
27+1Brookstone WinesBrooksville167.22
28-1Gilded Grape WineryPort Charlotte155.37
290Al Rite Fruits & SyrupsMiami138.22
30+1D’vine Wine Your Place or MineWinter Springs93.41
31-1Two Lions WineryDunedin88.51
320Corkscrew WineryOcala81.09
33+1Monticello vineyards & WineryMonticello65.48
34-1Time to Make WineFort Myers65.45
350Southshore UncorkedApollo Beach62.84
36+2Bootleggers Beer & Wine Home Brewing SuppliesBrandon47.90
370Log Cabin WinerySatsuma45.38
38+2Hutchinson Farm WineryApopka40.74
39+2Beer & Winemakers PantryPinellas Park39.26
40-4Cosy Wine CornerBonita Springs34.54
41-2Yellow River VineyardHolt29.14
420Old Oaks VineyardBonifay27.79
430Grande Ridge WineryOld Town21.88
440Mango BottlingCocoa9.50
450Beverage Operation TechnologyPompano Beach0.10

Florida Wineries’ LTM Growth in Taxpaid Sales

Our next table looks at the change in each wineries’ LTM taxpaid sales from last month. This provides an estimate of wineries’ growth rate from one month to the next, at least to the extent of taxpaid sales.

LTM Reported Taxpaid Sales Monthly Growth Rate for Florida Wineries
for the month of August 2014
Monthly Rank WineryCityMonthly Growth Rate
1Mango BottlingCocoa73%
2Hutchinson Farm WineryApopka21%
3Beer & Winemakers PantryPinellas Park18%
4Southern Brewing & WinemakingTampa15%
5Florida Distillers Co.Winter Haven13%
6Kelley’s Traditional Irish CiderCape Canaveral11%
7Al Rite Fruits & SyrupsMiami7%
8Southshore UncorkedApollo Beach4%
9Corkscrew WineryOcala3%
10Monticello vineyards & WineryMonticello3%
11Copp WineryCrystal River3%
12Island Grove Wine Co.Hawthorne2%
13Aspirations WineryClearwater2%
14Flagler Beachfront WineryFlagler Beach2%
15Florida Estates WineryLand O’Lakes2%
16Bunker Hill Vineyard & WineryDuette1%
17Old Oaks VineyardBonifay1%
18Seabreeze WineryPanama City Beach0%
19Royal Manor Meadery & WineryInterlachen0%
20Bluefield Estate WineryGainesville0%
21Quantum Leap WineryOrlando0%
22Beverage Operation TechnologyPompano Beach0%
23Naples WinemakingNaples0%
24Grande Ridge WineryOld Town0%
25Oak Haven WinerySorrento0%
26Endless Summer Vineyard & WineryFt Pierce-1%
27Schnebly Redland’s WineryHomestead-1%
28Brookstone WinesBrooksville-1%
29Tangled Oaks VineyardGrandin-2%
30Wine Making PantrySarasota-3%
31Murielle WineryClearwater-3%
32Henscratch FarmsLake Placid-3%
33Keel & Curley WineryPlant City-3%
34D’vine Wine Your Place or MineWinter Springs-4%
35Florida WineryMadeira Beach-4%
36True Blue WineryDavenport-5%
37Redi-2-Drinq ShotpaqSarasota-6%
38Tarpon Springs Castle WineryTarpon Springs-8%
39Gilded Grape WineryPort Charlotte-10%
40Two Lions WineryDunedin-10%
41Bootleggers Beer & Wine Home Brewing SuppliesBrandon-14%
42Time to Make WineFort Myers-14%
43Log Cabin WinerySatsuma-19%
44Yellow River VineyardHolt-22%
45Cosy Wine CornerBonita Springs-43%

Florida Wineries With No Reported Activity

This table lists the Florida wineries that report not taxpaid activity during the last 12 months. Every month, a number of wineries report no activity, for a variety of reasons. This list typically includes new wineries that have yet to begin taxpaid sales and production-only wineries that have no taxpaid sales.

Florida Wineries with No Reported Retail Activity
through August 2014
Micanopy Winery
Fox Den Winery & Cellar
VL American Republics
De Luna Winery
Lakeridge Winery
Dakotah Winery
Rosa Fiorelli Winery
Sons & Daughters Farm
In the Mead Time
Strong Tower Vineyard
Panache Distillery
Florida Orange Groves Winery
St Petersburg Distillery Co.
Mizkan Americas
Florida Distillers Co.
Fiddler’s Ridge Farms
San Sebastian Winery
Catanias Winery
Chautauqua Vineyards & Winery

Notes About The Florida Wineries Report

        • All beverage manufacturers holding a AMW (manufacturer or bottler of wine) or a BMCW (manufacturer of wines and cordials) are included in The Florida Wineries Report. This includes cideries, meaderies, vineyards, make-it-yourself wine shops, ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages, and negociant winemakers. They’re all in The Florida Wineries Report, which makes direct comparisons a bit difficult.
        • This edition of The Florida Wineries Report reflects information about each winery’s reported taxpaid sales, as reflected on the ABT’s monthly wholesale reports for August 2014, the most recent information available. Taxpaid sales includes all activities for which the winery itself (rather than its distributor) is required to report and pay Florida’s alcoholic beverage tax.
        • Full production numbers (including retail sales and other production) are not publicly available for wineries. This means that these reports only reflect the wineries’ own tasting room sales and other taxpaid activities, and only if they are no reported by a distributor. We’re working with the ABT to get full production numbers. While the ABT does collect full production numbers, it does not compile the numbers the same way they do the retail sale numbers.
        • All volume numbers are expressed in cases. One case consisting of 12 750 ml bottles contains 2.38 gallons of wine.

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