The Florida Breweries Report – May 2014

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It’s Christmas in July! A second Florida Breweries Report this month.

Notes about The Florida Breweries Report

  • The Florida Breweries Report reflects information about each brewery’s reported retail sales, as reflected on the ABT’s monthly wholesale reports for May 2014, the most recent information available. Full production and sales numbers (both retail and wholesale, for production breweries) are not publicly available.
  • We’ve added Industry Total figures in this edition of The Florida Breweries Report.
  • This edition of The Florida Breweries Report features 1 newly licensed brewer: The Corkscrew (Ocala). Not your typical brewery, The Corkscrew allows visitors to make their own wine and beer–just another example of the creative ways to grow Florida beverage industry. Entries for The Corkscrew are bolded in this edition of The Florida Breweries Report.

Florida Breweries Monthly Retail Sales

We start out with each Florida brewery’s retail sales volume for the month of May 2014. Motorworks Brewing shot up 55 spaces in the monthly sales ranking, and Funky Buddha Brewery bumped that St. Louis-based upstart for the Number 2 spot.

Reported Monthly Retail Sales by Florida Breweries
for the month of May 2014
Monthly RankRanking ChangeBrewerySales
(in barrels)
10Cigar City Brewing, Tampa499.81
2+1Funky Buddha Brewery, Boca Raton185.61
3-1Annheuser Busch, Jacksonville168.14
4+6Tequesta Brewing Company, Tequesta123.68
5+2Tampa Bay Brewing Company, Tampa119.28
60McGuire’s Irish Pub, Destin96.81
7+23Bold City Brewery, Jacksonville86.58
8+4Swamp Head Brewery, Gainesville79.84
9-4Dunedin Brewery, Dunedin77.53
10+1A1A Ale Works, St. Augustine75.50
11-2McGuire’s Irish Pub, Pensacola69.74
12+3Green Room Brewing, Jacksonville Beach62.64
13+16Cigar City Brewpub, Tampa61.81
14+8Green Bench Brewing Co., St. Petersburg54.50
15+33 Daughters Brewing, St. Petersburg52.33
16-8Brewzzi, West Palm Beach50.00
170Pensacola Bay Brewery, Pensacola49.87
18+18Props Brewery & Grill, Ft. Walton Beach48.93
19+20Big Bear Brewing Co., Coral Springs48.52
20+4Big River Grille & Brewing Works, Buena Vista48.00
21-5Seven Bridges Grille & Brewery, Jacksonville45.50
22-1Saltwater Brewery, Delray Beach43.83
23-4Aardwolf Brewing Co., Jacksonville41.90
24+19Proof Brewing Co., Tallahassee41.06
25-2Orlando Brewing, Orlando40.05
26+2Cycle Brewing, St Petersburg40.01
270Intuition Ale Works, Jacksonville39.64
28-14Ragtime Tavern Seafood & Grill, Atlantic Beach38.50
29-25Florida Beer Company, Cape Canaveral36.25
30-5Cask & Larder Brewing Co., Winter Park35.11
31+2Wynwood Brewing Company, Miami33.10
32+3Yuengling Brewing Co., Tampa32.92
33+5Miami Brewing Co., Homestead32.23
34-87venth Sun Brewery, Dunedin31.27
35-3Barley Mow Brewing Co., Largo30.84
36-5Rapp Brewing Company, Pinellas Park30.84
37-3Big Storm Brewing Co., Odessa30.00
38-18Titanic Brewery & Restaurant, Coral Gables29.90
39+3Engine 15 Brewing Co., Jacksonville Beach29.84
40+24Darwin’s on 4th, Sarasota27.00
410Organic Brewery, Hollywood25.32
42-29Due South Brewing Co., Boynton Beach24.00
43+10Fort Myers Brewing Co., Ft Myers22.29
440Southern Brewing & Winemaking, Tampa21.40
45+2Sarasota Brewing Company, Sarasota20.93
46+3Intracoastal Brewing Company, Melbourne20.75
47+55Motorworks Brewing, Bradenton20.16
48-11Ormond Brewing Company, Ormond Beach19.15
49+3Point Ybel Brewing Company, Ft. Myers18.88
50+5Wild Rover Pub & Brewery, Odessa17.94
51-3Florida Avenue Brewing Co., Tampa17.31
52-12St. Pete Brewing Co., St. Petersburg17.18
53+18Florida Brewery, Auburndale17.06
54+4Mile Marker Brewing, St. Augustine16.65
55+19Pinglehead Brewing Company, Orange Park15.41
56+11Coral Springs Tap House, Coral Springs14.97
57-7Tall Paul’s Brew House, Gainesville14.46
58-12Charlie & Jakes Brewery Grille, Melbourne14.00
59-8Longneck Brew House, Stuart13.57
60-15River City Brewing Company, Jacksonville13.50
610The Funky Buddha Lounge, Boca Raton13.08
62-3Sea Dog Brewing Co., Clearwater12.90
63+28Darwin Brewing Co., Bradenton12.79
64-10The Hourglass Brewery, Longwood12.67
65-8Brewzzi, Boca Raton12.00
660Momo’s Pizza & Brewpub, Tallahassee11.23
67-2JDub’s Brewing Company, Sarasota9.84
680Big Top Brewing Co., Sarasota9.16
69-9Sailfish Brewing Co., Vero Beach8.90
70+17Copp Winery & Brewery, Crystal River8.83
71-2Mt Dora Brewing, Mt. Dora8.23
72-2Pair O’Dice Brewing Co., Clearwater7.78
73-11Bugnutty Brewing Co., Merritt Island6.16
74+2Cocoa Beach Brewing Co., Cocoa Beach5.00
75+5Six Ten Brewing, Tampa4.33
76-20Peg’s Cantina & Brewpub, Gulf Port3.56
77+2Brooksville Brewing Co., Spring Hill3.39
78+3R-Bar & Grille, Treasure Island3.23
79-2Tomoka Brewery, Ormond Beach3.00
80+5Saint Somewhere Brewing Company, Tarpon Springs2.87
81-18New Smyrna Beach Brewing Co., New Smyrna Beach2.81
82+4Brewers’ Tasting Room, Tampa2.58
83-1Mack House, Ft. Lauderdale2.32
84+11Fermentation Lounge, Tallahassee2.26
85-7Cigar City Brewing Co. at Tampa Int’l Airport, Tampa2.18
86-2Three Palms Brewing, Tampa1.93
87-15Naples Beach Brewery, Naples1.70
88-15Bone Island Brewing, Key West1.65
89-6Redlight Redlight, Orlando1.61
90NAThe Corkscrew, Ocala0.32
91-3Bella Brava, St. Petersburg0.00
92-3Brew Hub, Lakeland0.00
93-18Cafe Karibo, Fernandina Beach0.00
94-2Dixie Bar & Grill, West Palm Beach0.00
95-2ESB Brewing Co., Tampa0.00
96-2Fat Point Brewing Co., Punta Gorda0.00
97-1Florida Distillers Company, Winter Haven0.00
98-1Grayton Beer Company, Tallahassee0.00
99-1House of Beer, Dunedin0.00
100-1Kelly’s Caribbean Bar & Grill, Key West0.00
101-1Lagniappe Brewing Company, Minneola0.00
102-1Marco Island Brewery, Marco Island0.00
1030Sea Dog Brewing Co., Buena Vista0.00
1040Two Henrys Brewing Company, Plant City0.00
1050Zeta Brewing Co., Jacksonville Beach0.00

 Florida Breweries’ LTM Retail Sales

Our next table shows retails sales by each brewery for the 12 months ending May 31, 2014. In the Top Ten, Due South Brewing Co. is out and Swamp Head Brewery is in.


Last Twelve Months (LTM) Reported Retail Sales by Florida Breweries
for the month of May 2014
Monthly RankRanking ChangeBrewerySales
(in barrels)
10Cigar City Brewing, Tampa3,609.58
20Annheuser Busch, Jacksonville2,222.41
30Funky Buddha Brewery, Boca Raton1,493.48
40Tequesta Brewing Company, Tequesta1,269.71
50Dunedin Brewery, Dunedin1,172.49
60McGuire’s Irish Pub, Destin1,158.77
70Tampa Bay Brewing Company, Tampa1,085.07
80McGuire’s Irish Pub, Pensacola930.08
90Bold City Brewery, Jacksonville927.12
10+1Swamp Head Brewery, Gainesville784.22
11-1Due South Brewing Co., Boynton Beach766.26
120A1A Ale Works, St. Augustine745.20
13+1Green Room Brewing, Jacksonville Beach670.54
14-1Brewzzi, West Palm Beach660.00
150Pensacola Bay Brewery, Pensacola610.96
160Seven Bridges Grille & Brewery, Jacksonville584.12
170Big River Grille & Brewing Works, Buena Vista566.40
180Ragtime Tavern Seafood & Grill, Atlantic Beach543.50
19+1Cigar City Brewpub, Tampa520.03
20-1Intuition Ale Works, Jacksonville463.44
210Orlando Brewing, Orlando458.07
22+5Green Bench Brewing Co., St. Petersburg392.14
23-17venth Sun Brewery, Dunedin381.72
240Big Bear Brewing Co., Coral Springs375.10
25-2Engine 15 Brewing Co., Jacksonville Beach353.15
26+3Cask & Larder Brewing Co., Winter Park349.56
27-2Titanic Brewery & Restaurant, Coral Gables341.70
28-2Mile Marker Brewing, St. Augustine339.04
29+1Florida Beer Company, Cape Canaveral319.38
30+1Miami Brewing Co., Homestead313.84
31+5Saltwater Brewery, Delray Beach301.83
32-4Brewzzi, Boca Raton295.03
33-1Yuengling Brewing Co., Tampa290.50
340Rapp Brewing Company, Pinellas Park284.03
35-2Barley Mow Brewing Co., Largo281.32
36-1Charlie & Jakes Brewery Grille, Melbourne259.00
37+2Proof Brewing Co., Tallahassee250.98
38+3Aardwolf Brewing Co., Jacksonville245.97
39-1Organic Brewery, Hollywood240.80
40+53 Daughters Brewing, St. Petersburg230.19
41-4River City Brewing Company, Jacksonville228.00
42+5Props Brewery & Grill, Ft. Walton Beach219.94
43-3Sarasota Brewing Company, Sarasota216.09
44-1Fort Myers Brewing Co., Ft Myers200.79
45-3Southern Brewing & Winemaking, Tampa196.14
46+6Wynwood Brewing Company, Miami192.38
47+1Intracoastal Brewing Company, Melbourne190.97
48-4Florida Avenue Brewing Co., Tampa190.89
490Big Storm Brewing Co., Odessa188.11
50-4Tall Paul’s Brew House, Gainesville187.25
51+4Cycle Brewing, St Petersburg171.10
52+1Darwin’s on 4th, Sarasota166.00
53-3The Hourglass Brewery, Longwood160.90
54-3Peg’s Cantina & Brewpub, Gulf Port156.53
55-1The Funky Buddha Lounge, Boca Raton143.96
560Pinglehead Brewing Company, Orange Park119.27
57+2Wild Rover Pub & Brewery, Odessa111.35
580Momo’s Pizza & Brewpub, Tallahassee109.49
59-2Coral Springs Tap House, Coral Springs109.43
60+4Ormond Brewing Company, Ormond Beach93.92
61-1Mt Dora Brewing, Mt. Dora87.42
62+4Point Ybel Brewing Company, Ft. Myers84.73
63-1Bugnutty Brewing Co., Merritt Island83.15
64-1Copp Winery & Brewery, Crystal River79.13
650Cafe Karibo, Fernandina Beach67.74
66-5Kelly’s Caribbean Bar & Grill, Key West65.65
67+5Florida Brewery, Auburndale62.49
68+2Longneck Brew House, Stuart60.52
69-2Naples Beach Brewery, Naples58.96
70-1Cocoa Beach Brewing Co., Cocoa Beach51.59
71+2Pair O’Dice Brewing Co., Clearwater50.45
72-4Lagniappe Brewing Company, Minneola49.10
73-2Cigar City Brewing Co. at Tampa Int’l Airport, Tampa42.57
74+4St. Pete Brewing Co., St. Petersburg42.15
75-1New Smyrna Beach Brewing Co., New Smyrna Beach39.71
76+8Sea Dog Brewing Co., Clearwater28.60
77+5JDub’s Brewing Company, Sarasota28.35
78-3Sea Dog Brewing Co., Buena Vista28.00
79-3Mack House, Ft. Lauderdale27.24
80-3R-Bar & Grille, Treasure Island27.10
81-1Brewers’ Tasting Room, Tampa22.85
82-1Brooksville Brewing Co., Spring Hill22.74
83+2Sailfish Brewing Co., Vero Beach22.05
84+19Motorworks Brewing, Bradenton20.16
85-6Saint Somewhere Brewing Company, Tarpon Springs19.51
86+1Big Top Brewing Co., Sarasota19.23
87-4Three Palms Brewing, Tampa18.77
88-2Tomoka Brewery, Ormond Beach13.29
89+7Darwin Brewing Co., Bradenton12.79
900Six Ten Brewing, Tampa11.49
91-3Bone Island Brewing, Key West10.19
920Fermentation Lounge, Tallahassee7.84
93-2Bella Brava, St. Petersburg5.65
94-1Redlight Redlight, Orlando4.55
95-6Marco Island Brewery, Marco Island4.03
96NAThe Corkscrew, Ocala0.32
97-3Brew Hub, Lakeland0.00
98-1Dixie Bar & Grill, West Palm Beach0.00
99-1ESB Brewing Co., Tampa0.00
100-1Fat Point Brewing Co., Punta Gorda0.00
101-1Florida Distillers Company, Winter Haven0.00
102-1Grayton Beer Company, Tallahassee0.00
103-1House of Beer, Dunedin0.00
1040Two Henrys Brewing Company, Plant City0.00
1050Zeta Brewing Co., Jacksonville Beach0.00

Florida Breweries’ LTM Growth in Retail Sales

Our last table looks at the change in each brewery’s LTM retail sales from last month. This provides an estimate of a brewery’s growth rate from one month to the next, at least to the extent of retail sales. As expected, new breweries that are still ramping up top this list. The industry as a whole posted a healthy 3% growth in taproom sales for the month of May.

LTM Reported Retail Sales Monthly Growth Rate for Florida Breweries
for the month of May 2014
Monthly RankRanking ChangeBreweryMonthly Growth Rate
1+1Big Top Brewing Co., Sarasota91%
2-1Sea Dog Brewing Co., Clearwater82%
3+73St. Pete Brewing Co., St. Petersburg69%
4+69Sailfish Brewing Co., Vero Beach68%
50Six Ten Brewing, Tampa60%
6+66Redlight Redlight, Orlando55%
7-3JDub’s Brewing Company, Sarasota53%
8+56Fermentation Lounge, Tallahassee40%
9+13Florida Brewery, Auburndale38%
100Cycle Brewing, St Petersburg31%
11+23 Daughters Brewing, St. Petersburg29%
12-6Tomoka Brewery, Ormond Beach29%
13-2Point Ybel Brewing Company, Ft. Myers29%
14+5Props Brewery & Grill, Ft. Walton Beach29%
15-8Ormond Brewing Company, Ormond Beach26%
16-8Longneck Brew House, Stuart22%
17-1Wynwood Brewing Company, Miami21%
18-4Aardwolf Brewing Co., Jacksonville20%
19-16Bone Island Brewing, Key West19%
200Wild Rover Pub & Brewery, Odessa19%
21-4Pair O’Dice Brewing Co., Clearwater18%
22-7Brooksville Brewing Co., Spring Hill18%
23-2Saltwater Brewery, Delray Beach17%
240Green Bench Brewing Co., St. Petersburg16%
25+1Funky Buddha Brewery, Boca Raton14%
26+5Cigar City Brewpub, Tampa13%
27-2Intracoastal Brewing Company, Melbourne12%
28-5Big Storm Brewing Co., Odessa12%
29+7Brewers’ Tasting Room, Tampa12%
300Three Palms Brewing, Tampa11%
31+9Proof Brewing Co., Tallahassee11%
32+61Tampa Bay Brewing Company, Tampa9%
33-15Bugnutty Brewing Co., Merritt Island8%
34-25New Smyrna Beach Brewing Co., New Smyrna Beach8%
35-2Tall Paul’s Brew House, Gainesville7%
36+66Darwin’s on 4th, Sarasota6%
37-10Organic Brewery, Hollywood6%
38+61Copp Winery & Brewery, Crystal River5%
39-5Cask & Larder Brewing Co., Winter Park5%
40-11R-Bar & Grille, Treasure Island5%
41+29Mt Dora Brewing, Mt. Dora5%
42-7Rapp Brewing Company, Pinellas Park5%
43+44Miami Brewing Co., Homestead5%
44+52Big Bear Brewing Co., Coral Springs5%
45+5Fort Myers Brewing Co., Ft Myers4%
46-34Florida Beer Company, Cape Canaveral4%
47-5Cigar City Brewing, Tampa4%
48+34McGuire’s Irish Pub, Destin3%
49-67venth Sun Brewery, Dunedin3%
50+4Tequesta Brewing Company, Tequesta2%
51-5A1A Ale Works, St. Augustine2%
52+34Momo’s Pizza & Brewpub, Tallahassee2%
53-9Barley Mow Brewing Co., Largo2%
54-22Southern Brewing & Winemaking, Tampa2%
55-7Florida Avenue Brewing Co., Tampa2%
56+15Orlando Brewing, Orlando1%
57+35Bold City Brewery, Jacksonville1%
58-19Mack House, Ft. Lauderdale1%
59-31Annheuser Busch, Jacksonville1%
60+7Green Room Brewing, Jacksonville Beach1%
61+27Big River Grille & Brewing Works, Buena Vista0%
62-10Pensacola Bay Brewery, Pensacola0%
63-6Bella Brava, St. Petersburg0%
64-6Brew Hub, Lakeland0%
65NAThe Corkscrew, Ocala0%
66-6Darwin Brewing Co., Bradenton0%
67-6Dixie Bar & Grill, West Palm Beach0%
68-6ESB Brewing Co., Tampa0%
69-6Fat Point Brewing Co., Punta Gorda0%
70-5Florida Distillers Company, Winter Haven0%
71-5Grayton Beer Company, Tallahassee0%
72-4House of Beer, Dunedin0%
73-4Motorworks Brewing, Bradenton0%
740Sarasota Brewing Company, Sarasota0%
75+3Two Henrys Brewing Company, Plant City0%
76+3Zeta Brewing Co., Jacksonville Beach0%
77-2Seven Bridges Grille & Brewery, Jacksonville0%
78+3McGuire’s Irish Pub, Pensacola0%
79-2Swamp Head Brewery, Gainesville0%
80+15Mile Marker Brewing, St. Augustine-1%
81+13Cocoa Beach Brewing Co., Cocoa Beach-1%
82-26Yuengling Brewing Co., Tampa-1%
83+2Intuition Ale Works, Jacksonville-1%
84+17Pinglehead Brewing Company, Orange Park-2%
85-5The Funky Buddha Lounge, Boca Raton-2%
86-2Engine 15 Brewing Co., Jacksonville Beach-2%
87+2Charlie & Jakes Brewery Grille, Melbourne-3%
88-51Coral Springs Tap House, Coral Springs-3%
89-48Ragtime Tavern Seafood & Grill, Atlantic Beach-3%
90-41Dunedin Brewery, Dunedin-3%
91-36Titanic Brewery & Restaurant, Coral Gables-3%
92-41The Hourglass Brewery, Longwood-3%
93-10River City Brewing Company, Jacksonville-3%
94-56Due South Brewing Co., Boynton Beach-4%
95-48Brewzzi, West Palm Beach-4%
96-6Peg’s Cantina & Brewpub, Gulf Port-5%
97-52Naples Beach Brewery, Naples-7%
98-39Cafe Karibo, Fernandina Beach-7%
99-8Sea Dog Brewing Co., Buena Vista-7%
100-47Saint Somewhere Brewing Company, Tarpon Springs-9%
101-3Cigar City Brewing Co. at Tampa Int’l Airport, Tampa-11%
102-5Brewzzi, Boca Raton-11%
1030Lagniappe Brewing Company, Minneola-15%
104-4Kelly’s Caribbean Bar & Grill, Key West-15%
105-1Marco Island Brewery, Marco Island-50%

We’d love to hear your feedback on The Florida Breweries Report. We want it to be a useful tool for the Florida brewing industry. Cheers!

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