Posted by: May 24, 2020

The COVID-19 Shutdown began taking its toll on Florida Breweries in March 2020, with average monthly taxpaid sales per brewery down by over 26%.

Monthly Highlights

  • The Florida Breweries Report reflects data published by the Florida ABT, which is available online here. The ABT monthly publishes the taxpaid sales for each brewery and distributor. Unfortunately, the ABT does not publish breweries’ sales to distributors. This means that the Florida Breweries Reports reflects only breweries’ taxpaid sales, which are generally made in its taproom.
  • Three new Florida breweries in March 2020: Mammoth Oak Brewing Company (Leesburg), First Love Brewing (Fernandina Beach) and Skunkworts Brewing Concern (West Palm Beach).
  • Two breweries upgraded from a brewpub license (CMBP) to a production brewery license (CMB) in March 2020: Clermont Brewing Company (Clermont) and Breadless Brewhaus (Milton). Breweries with a CMB license can start fill growlers, sell bottled or canned products for consumption off premises, and sell to licensed distributors. Where a brewery upgrades its license, the tables below denote the CMBP license with * and the CMB license with ^.
  • In March 2020, the total number of licensed breweries stood at 389. Of those, 357 breweries reported taxpaid sales in March.
  • Month-to-month taxpaid sales dropped by 17.11% in March 2020. Total taxpaid sales during the rolling last-twelve-months (LTM) fell by 1.58%. Compared to March 2019, LTM taxpaid sales were up by 2.41% in March 2020.
  • For reporting breweries, the average taxpaid sales per brewery in March 2020 was 22.51 barrels, a monthly decrease of 4.34 barrels per brewery.
  • In March 2020, Florida breweries’ taxpaid sales accounted for .64% of all beer sales in Florida (6.4 out of 1,000 beers sold).

Would you like The Florida Breweries Report as an Excel spreadsheet? Reports for this month and all months back to January 2015 are available at this link:

Florida Breweries Monthly Taxpaid Sales

The next table shows each Florida brewery’s taxpaid sales volume for the month of March 2020. Not every Florida brewery makes retail sales in a taproom or brewery.

Florida Breweries Report – Reported Monthly Taxpaid Sales for March 2020

wdt_IDMonthly RankRanking ChangeBreweryCitySales (in barrels)
1127Coppertail Brewing Co.Tampa 157.52
226Cigar City BrewingTampa 152.39
33-2Crooked Can Brewing Co.Winter Garden 138.27
4425Tequesta Brewing CompanyTequesta 134.24
55-1Twisted Trunk Brewing Co.Palm Beach Garden 121.64
664Intracoastal Brewing CompanyMelbourne 114.46
7725Calusa BrewingSarasota 111.39
8833 Daughters BrewingSt. Petersburg 100.43
9913Annheuser BuschJacksonville 97.84
1010-3Wicked Barley Brewing CompanyJacksonville 95.84
Monthly RankRanking ChangeBreweryCitySales (in barrels)

Florida Breweries’ LTM Taxpaid Sales

Our next table shows retail sales by each brewery for the last 12 months (LTM) ending March 2020.

Florida Breweries Report – LTM Reported Taxpaid Sales for March 2020

wdt_IDMonthly RankRanking ChangeBreweryCitySales (in barrels)
110Crooked Can Brewing Co.Winter Garden 2,482.88
220Annheuser BuschJacksonville 2,019.95
330Funky Buddha BreweryBoca Raton 1,733.36
4403 Daughters BrewingSt. Petersburg 1,699.62
551Cigar City BrewingTampa 1,416.46
661Wicked Barley Brewing CompanyJacksonville 1,328.72
771Intracoastal Brewing CompanyMelbourne 1,272.53
88-3Proof Brewing Co. (1320 South Monroe)Tallahassee 1,267.18
990Coppertail Brewing Co.Tampa 1,221.97
10100Veza Sur Brewing Co.Miami 1,148.87
Monthly RankRanking ChangeBreweryCitySales (in barrels)

Florida Breweries’ LTM Growth in Taxpaid Sales

Our next table looks at the change in each brewery’s LTM taxpaid sales from last month. This provides an estimate of a brewery’s growth rate from one month to the next, at least to the extent of retail sales. The rightmost column identifies breweries that have less than 12 months of reported taxpaid sales.

Florida Breweries Report – LTM Reported Taxpaid Sales Monthly Growth Rate for March 2020

wdt_IDMonthly RankRanking ChangeBreweryCityMonthly Growth RateLess than 12 Months Reported
11192King Maker BrewingJacksonville339%*
22198Bootlegger’s Brewing CompanyTampa242%*
33209American Craft AleworksWest Palm Beach225%*
44187Unbranded Brewing Co.Hialeah181%*
556Barriehaus Beer Co.Tampa76%*
66-5Unseen Creatures Brewing & BlendingMiami76%*
77196The Fat Rabbit Brewing Co. (New License)Tampa64%*
884Fort Walton Brewing CompanyFort Walton Beach56%*
99186Riverview 14 GDXGibsonton54%*
1010-1If I Brewed the WorldSt. Petersburg48%*
Monthly RankRanking ChangeBreweryCityMonthly Growth RateLess than 12 Months Reported

Florida Breweries With No
Reported Activity

Each month, a number of breweries report no retail sales or other taxable activities. The next table lists the licensed breweries that reported no activity for the twelve months through March 2020.

Florida Breweries Report – No LTM Taxable Activity through March 2020

1Hollywood Brewing Co.Hollywood
2Yeasty BrewsLauderhill
3Raw Brewing CompanyPompano Beach
4Premiere BreweryFt. Lauderdale
5Holy MackerelWilton Manors
6Cultured CollectiveOrange Park
7Oil Well Craft BeerAva Maria
8Krome Brewing CompanyMiami
9The Dubliner Irish PubTampa
10Rock Brothers Brewing CompanyTampa