The Florida Breweries Report – June 2015

Florida Breweries Report Logo (14.11)Florida breweries’ taxpaid sales for June 2015 were nearly 1,000 barrels higher than one year ago.

Monthly Highlights

Comparison of Florida Breweries Taxpaid Sales to All Sales

In this table, we compare the taxpaid sales by Florida breweries as compared to all beer sales subject to tax in Florida. Most of what a brewery pays taxes on is the sale of its own beer at retail in a taproom or a brewpub. In the following table, we compare this number to all the taxable beer sales in Florida, which includes breweries’ retail sales of their own beer and all sales by Florida distributors.

Comparison of Taxpaid Sales by Florida Breweries and All Reporters
for the month of June 2015
By Florida BreweriesBy Florida DistributorsBreweries’ Shares
Monthly Taxpaid Sales (in gallons)                 131,750.56   36,238,799.040.36%
LTM Monthly Taxpaid Sales (in gallons)               1,370,626.41414,676,978.860.33%

Florida Breweries Monthly Taxpaid Sales

The next table shows each Florida brewery’s taxpaid sales volume for the month of Jun 2015. Not every Florida brewery makes retail sales in a taproom or brewery.

Reported Monthly Taxpaid Sales by Florida Breweries
for the month of June 2015
Monthly RankRanking ChangeBreweryCitySales
(in barrels)
10Annheuser BuschJacksonville247.46
2+1Crooked Can Brewing Co.Winter Garden202.26
3+1Funky Buddha BreweryBoca Raton167.19
4+4Tampa Bay Brewing CompanyTampa117.18
5+1Dunedin BreweryDunedin117.15
6+35Concrete Beach BreweryMiami115.33
7-5Cigar City BrewingTampa97.72
8+1McGuire’s Irish PubDestin96.32
9-2Twisted Trunk Brewing Co.Palm Beach Garden82.35
10+6Tequesta Brewing CompanyTequesta80.36
11-1McGuire’s Irish PubPensacola77.74
12+16A1A Ale WorksSt. Augustine75.00
13+12Cycle BrewingSt. Petersburg69.00
14+3Green Room BrewingJacksonville Beach68.95
15-2Swamp Head BreweryGainesville68.84
16-13 Daughters BrewingSt. Petersburg67.45
17+14Aardwolf Brewing Co.Jacksonville67.20
18+2Saltwater BreweryDelray Beach66.91
19+23Wynwood Brewing CompanyMiami66.59
20NRCopperpoint Brewing Co.Boynton Beach61.48
21-16Green Bench Brewing Co.St. Petersburg60.05
22-4Pensacola Bay BreweryPensacola57.21
23+4Orlando BrewingOrlando55.01
24-13Bold City BreweryJacksonville54.68
25-6Due South Brewing Co.Boynton Beach52.91
26+17Coppertail Brewing Co.Tampa49.87
27-1Florida Beer CompanyCape Canaveral47.37
28+5Seven Bridges Grille & BreweryJacksonville46.78
29+55MIA Brewing Co.Miami46.62
30-6Fort Myers Brewing Co.Ft. Myers45.79
31+5First Magnitude Brewing Co.Gainesville44.71
32+78Florida BreweryAuburndale43.97
33-12The Hourglass BreweryLongwood42.67
34-27venth Sun BreweryDunedin42.03
35-6Big Bear Brewing Co.Coral Springs41.45
36+8Proof Brewing Co. (Production Brewery)Tallahassee41.28
37+15St. Pete Brewing Co.St. Petersburg40.42
38-15Tomoka Brewing Co.Port Orange40.06
39-2Yuengling Brewing Co.Tampa38.45
40-28Fat Point Brewing Co.Punta Gorda37.52
41-2Motorworks BrewingBradenton37.18
42-4Big River Grille & Brewing WorksBuena Vista36.80
43+4Rapp Brewing CompanyPinellas Park36.75
44+7Intuition Ale WorksJacksonville36.70
45-31Sea Dog Brewing Co.Buena Vista36.00
46-12Engine 15 Brewing Co.Jacksonville Beach35.86
47-2Titanic Brewery & RestaurantCoral Gables35.80
48+10Intracoastal Brewing CompanyMelbourne33.29
49-9Cask & Larder Brewing Co.Winter Park30.27
50-20Cigar City BrewpubTampa29.81
51+11Mad Beach Craft Brewing CompanyMadeira Beach29.30
53-3Barley Mow Brewing Co. TavernLargo26.82
54+7Oyster City Brewing Co.Apalachicola26.69
550Southern Brewing & WinemakingTampa25.78
56+8Sailfish Brewing Co.Vero Beach24.19
57+11Miami Brewing Co.Homestead23.03
58+8Lakeland Brewing Co.Lakeland22.75
59-13JDub’s Brewing CompanySarasota22.68
60+5Point Ybel Brewing CompanyFt. Myers22.47
61-7River City Brewing CompanyJacksonville21.75
62NRZeta Brewing Co. (Production Brewery)Jacksonville Beach21.61
63+6Charlie & Jakes Brewery GrilleMelbourne21.00
64+10Big Storm Brewing Co.Odessa20.95
65-8Organic Brewery Production BreweryHollywood20.78
66+7Florida Keys Brewing Co.Islamorada20.40
67+31Pinglehead Brewing CompanyOrange Park18.98
68+18Veterans United Craft BreweryJacksonville18.95
69-9Playalinda Brewing Co.Titusville18.50
70-48Ragtime Tavern Seafood & GrillAtlantic Beach18.50
71+20Kelly’s Caribbean Bar & GrillKey West17.90
72-5Ormond Brewing CompanyOrmond Beach17.29
73-24Props Brewery & GrillFt. Walton Beach17.25
74+8Big Top Brewing Co.Sarasota17.21
75+14LauderAleFt. Lauderdale16.72
76-4Momentum BrewhouseBonita Springs16.32
77-18Infinite Ale WorksOcala15.63
78-2Pair O’Dice Brewing Co.Clearwater15.55
79-16Proof Brewing Co. Pub & Bottle ShopTallahassee14.36
80-24Sarasota Brewing Co.Sarasota13.95
81+9Florida Avenue Brewing Co.Tampa13.85
82+6Angry Chair BrewingTampa13.18
83+14Sea Dog Brewing Co.Clearwater12.77
84+19Grayton Beer Co.Santa Rosa Beach12.61
85+26Bugnutty Brewing Co.Merritt Island12.57
86-11Longneck Brew HouseStuart12.29
87-34J Wakefield BrewingMiami11.16
88+17Darwin Brewing Co.Bradenton10.72
89-8House of BrewzFt. Myers10.67
90-5New Smyrna Beach Brewing Co.New Smyrna Beach10.66
91-21BrewzziBoca Raton10.50
92+1Tall Paul’s Brew HouseGainesville10.11
93+1Momo’s Pizza & BrewpubTallahassee9.75
94-15House of BeerDunedin9.68
950The Funky Buddha LoungeBoca Raton8.86
96-25Las Tapas Restaurant & BreweryThe Villages8.80
97+3Escape Brewing CompanyTrinity8.52
98+14Pareidolia Brewing Co.Sebastian8.27
99-12Bowigens Beer Co.Casselberry7.99
100+41Stilt House BreweryPalm Harbor7.97
1010Mt Dora BrewingMt. Dora7.90
102+18Silverking Brewing Co.Tarpon Springs7.53
103-25Naples Beach BreweryNaples7.26
104-5Copp Winery & BreweryCrystal River7.00
105+1Old Soul BrewingFt. Myers6.97
106+27Bone Island BrewingKey West6.84
107+2Goat Lips Deli & Dinner HousePensacola6.77
108+11Cocoa Beach Brewing Co.Cocoa Beach6.57
109+7Brewers’ Tasting RoomTampa6.39
110+3Daytona Beach Brewing Co.Daytona Beach6.16
111+3ESB BrewingTampa6.05
112+3Orchid Island BreweryVero Beach5.67
113-5Wop’s Hops Brewing Co.Sanford5.49
114-10Peg’s Cantina & BrewpubGulf Port4.96
115-19Cafe KariboFernandina Beach4.84
116-24Biscayne Bay Brewing Co.Miami4.83
117-10Three Palms BrewingTampa4.69
118NRDevour Brewing Co.Boynton Beach4.42
119+4Redlight RedlightOrlando3.39
120+1R-Bar & GrilleTreasure Island3.23
121-38Barrel of Monks Brewing Co.Boca Raton2.55
1220Cigar City Brewing Co. at Tampa Int’l AirportTampa2.50
123-21Burkes of IrelandCrystal River1.97
124+18Two Lions Winery & Palm Harbor BreweryDunedin1.94
125-7Mack HouseFt. Lauderdale1.48
126+13Saint Somewhere Brewing CompanyTarpon Springs1.36
127-2The CorkscrewOcala1.13
128NRMastry’s Brewing Co.St. Petersburg0.84
129NRIdyll Hounds BrewerySanta Rosa Beach0.84
130+4Destin BreweryDestin0.83
131-5Two Henrys Brewing Co.Plant City0.62
132-52Six Ten BrewingTampa0.27

Florida Breweries’ LTM Taxpaid Sales

Our next table shows retail sales by each brewery for the last 12 months (LTM) ending June 2015.

Last Twelve Months (LTM) Reported Taxpaid Sales by Florida Breweries
for the month of June 2015
Monthly RankRanking ChangeBreweryCitySales
(in barrels)
10Cigar City BrewingTampa3,512.89
20Annheuser BuschJacksonville2,849.98
30Funky Buddha BreweryBoca Raton1,971.69
40Dunedin BreweryDunedin1,348.30
50Tampa Bay Brewing CompanyTampa1,191.57
60Tequesta Brewing CompanyTequesta1,122.20
70McGuire’s Irish PubDestin1,029.03
8+2McGuire’s Irish PubPensacola881.76
90Due South Brewing Co.Boynton Beach869.75
10-2Bold City BreweryJacksonville866.56
1103 Daughters BrewingSt. Petersburg832.55
120Swamp Head BreweryGainesville759.36
13+1Saltwater BreweryDelray Beach735.56
14+1A1A Ale WorksSt. Augustine686.50
15-2Green Room BrewingJacksonville Beach685.90
16+11Twisted Trunk Brewing Co.Palm Beach Garden651.52
170Pensacola Bay BreweryPensacola624.53
18-2Green Bench Brewing Co.St. Petersburg616.08
19+2Wynwood Brewing CompanyMiami609.96
20-2Florida Beer CompanyCape Canaveral609.82
21+30Crooked Can Brewing Co.Winter Garden583.36
220Aardwolf Brewing Co.Jacksonville563.80
23-4Seven Bridges Grille & BreweryJacksonville549.72
24-1Cycle BrewingSt. Petersburg530.31
25+1Orlando BrewingOrlando518.73
26-6Cigar City BrewpubTampa517.97
27-3Ragtime Tavern Seafood & GrillAtlantic Beach516.50
28-3Big River Grille & Brewing WorksBuena Vista491.50
29-1Yuengling Brewing Co.Tampa472.07
30-1Intuition Ale WorksJacksonville440.99
3107venth Sun BreweryDunedin440.18
32+2Proof Brewing Co. (Production Brewery)Tallahassee437.99
33-3Engine 15 Brewing Co.Jacksonville Beach432.73
34-2Rapp Brewing CompanyPinellas Park425.78
35-2Big Bear Brewing Co.Coral Springs406.16
37-2Motorworks BrewingBradenton400.78
38-2Fort Myers Brewing Co.Ft. Myers391.04
39+4First Magnitude Brewing Co.Gainesville389.68
40-2Barley Mow Brewing Co. TavernLargo330.49
41-4Titanic Brewery & RestaurantCoral Gables325.70
42+10Sea Dog Brewing Co.Buena Vista311.92
43+1Intracoastal Brewing CompanyMelbourne310.55
44-4Props Brewery & GrillFt. Walton Beach307.10
45+11Fat Point Brewing Co.Punta Gorda298.48
46+13The Hourglass BreweryLongwood295.46
47-6Miami Brewing Co.Homestead295.14
480St. Pete Brewing Co.St. Petersburg294.32
49-3Southern Brewing & WinemakingTampa284.24
50-3Zeta Brewing Co. (Brewpub)Jacksonville Beach283.70
51-9Cask & LarderWinter Park281.00
52-7Organic Brewery Production BreweryHollywood280.88
53-3JDub’s Brewing CompanySarasota264.60
54+21MIA Brewing Co.Miami259.19
55+3Oyster City Brewing Co.Apalachicola257.08
56+63Concrete Beach BreweryMiami242.66
57-2Point Ybel Brewing CompanyFt. Myers242.06
58-9Proof Brewing Co. Pub & Bottle ShopTallahassee238.59
59-6Charlie & Jakes Brewery GrilleMelbourne238.00
60-3Ormond Brewing CompanyOrmond Beach226.26
61-7Big Storm Brewing Co.Odessa217.44
62-1Sarasota Brewing Co.Sarasota209.25
63-3River City Brewing CompanyJacksonville206.32
64+2Sailfish Brewing Co.Vero Beach205.07
65-3Big Top Brewing Co.Sarasota202.49
66-2BrewzziBoca Raton180.71
67+13Mad Beach Craft Brewing CompanyMadeira Beach177.44
680Pair O’Dice Brewing Co.Clearwater176.80
69+15Tomoka Brewing Co.Port Orange175.36
70+6Playalinda Brewing Co.Titusville174.32
71+21Coppertail Brewing Co.Tampa173.10
72+2Veterans United Craft BreweryJacksonville170.74
73-6Longneck Brew HouseStuart169.48
74-9Florida Avenue Brewing Co.Tampa167.20
75-6New Smyrna Beach Brewing Co.New Smyrna Beach160.60
76-6Sea Dog Brewing Co.Clearwater155.97
77+6Momentum BrewhouseBonita Springs151.10
78-7The Funky Buddha LoungeBoca Raton141.17
79-7Six Ten BrewingTampa137.18
80-7Tall Paul’s Brew HouseGainesville135.02
81+5Florida BreweryAuburndale132.89
82+5LauderAleFt. Lauderdale131.02
83-4Pinglehead Brewing CompanyOrange Park130.90
84-6Persimmon Hollow Brewing Co.DeLand128.00
85+11J Wakefield BrewingMiami119.61
86-5Momo’s Pizza & BrewpubTallahassee116.84
87-5Darwin Brewing Co.Bradenton113.94
88NRCopperpoint Brewing Co.Boynton Beach110.00
89-4Bugnutty Brewing Co.Merritt Island107.64
90+7Angry Chair BrewingTampa98.80
910Las Tapas Restaurant & BreweryThe Villages97.33
92-4Mt Dora BrewingMt. Dora95.65
93+5Cask & Larder Brewing Co.Winter Park94.72
94+13Florida Keys Brewing Co.Islamorada92.69
95-2Kelly’s Caribbean Bar & GrillKey West89.52
96-7Copp Winery & BreweryCrystal River88.14
97-7Peg’s Cantina & BrewpubGulf Port87.38
98+4Biscayne Bay Brewing Co.Miami77.20
99+29Lakeland Brewing Co.Lakeland76.36
100+1Three Palms BrewingTampa73.91
101-2Naples Beach BreweryNaples69.54
102+3House of BeerDunedin67.66
103+3Escape Brewing CompanyTrinity66.67
1040Orchid Island BreweryVero Beach66.17
105+4Old Soul BrewingFt. Myers65.12
106+10Grayton Beer Co.Santa Rosa Beach65.10
107+14Infinite Ale WorksOcala61.55
108-5Burkes of IrelandCrystal River61.25
109+1Daytona Beach Brewing Co.Daytona Beach59.21
110+2Barrel of Monks Brewing Co.Boca Raton58.58
111+4Pareidolia Brewing Co.Sebastian58.21
112+6Wop’s Hops Brewing Co.Sanford50.61
113-5Cafe KariboFernandina Beach48.39
114-3Cocoa Beach Brewing Co.Cocoa Beach43.69
115+5Brewers’ Tasting RoomTampa43.03
116+1R-Bar & GrilleTreasure Island41.29
117+9Bowigens Beer Co.Casselberry40.12
118+14House of BrewzFt. Myers39.58
119-5Mack HouseFt. Lauderdale37.90
120-25Darwin’s on 4thSarasota36.50
121+14Stilt House BreweryPalm Harbor36.46
122NRZeta Brewing Co. (Production Brewery)Jacksonville Beach35.88
123+6ESB BrewingTampa29.96
124-1Two Henrys Brewing Co.Plant City29.23
125-3Redlight RedlightOrlando28.97
126-2Cigar City Brewing Co. at Tampa Int’l AirportTampa28.74
127NRSilverking Brewing Co.Tarpon Springs23.42
128-3Tomoka BreweryOrmond Beach20.81
129+2Citrus Park House of BeerCitrus Park19.02
130+4Bone Island BrewingKey West18.81
131NRGoat Lips Deli & Dinner HousePensacola18.39
132-2Saint Somewhere Brewing CompanyTarpon Springs17.11
1330JW Marriott Grande LakesOrlando16.18
134+3The CorkscrewOcala7.63
135+1Fermentation LoungeTallahassee6.94
136NRDevour Brewing Co.Boynton Beach4.42
137NRTwo Lions Winery & Palm Harbor BreweryDunedin2.19

Florida Breweries’ LTM Growth in Taxpaid Sales

Our next table looks at the change in each brewery’s LTM taxpaid sales from last month. This provides an estimate of a brewery’s growth rate from one month to the next, at least to the extent of retail sales.

LTM Reported Taxpaid Sales Monthly Growth Rate for Florida Breweries
for the month of June 2015
Monthly RankRanking ChangeBreweryCityMonthly Growth Rate
1+108Two Lions Winery & Palm Harbor BreweryDunedin750%
2NRIdyll Hounds BrewerySanta Rosa Beach260%
3NRZeta Brewing Co. (Production Brewery)Jacksonville Beach151%
4NRCopperpoint Brewing Co.Boynton Beach127%
5+97Destin BreweryDestin102%
6NRMastry’s Brewing Co.St. Petersburg100%
7+89Concrete Beach BreweryMiami91%
8+90Goat Lips Deli & Dinner HousePensacola58%
9+141Bone Island BrewingKey West57%
10-8Crooked Can Brewing Co.Winter Garden53%
11+96Silverking Brewing Co.Tarpon Springs47%
12+67Cask & Larder Brewing Co.Winter Park47%
13+102Lakeland Brewing Co.Lakeland42%
14-9Coppertail Brewing Co.Tampa40%
15+84House of BrewzFt. Myers37%
16-15Infinite Ale WorksOcala34%
17-13Tomoka Brewing Co.Port Orange30%
18-11Florida Keys Brewing Co.Islamorada28%
19+89Stilt House BreweryPalm Harbor28%
20-8ESB BrewingTampa25%
21-18Bowigens Beer Co.Casselberry25%
22-2Grayton Beer Co.Santa Rosa Beach24%
23+17MIA Brewing Co.Miami22%
24-8Mad Beach Craft Brewing CompanyMadeira Beach20%
25+94Florida BreweryAuburndale19%
26-12The Hourglass BreweryLongwood17%
27+6Pareidolia Brewing Co.Sebastian17%
28-19House of BeerDunedin16%
29-7Angry Chair BrewingTampa15%
30-9Escape Brewing CompanyTrinity15%
31+3LauderAleFt. Lauderdale15%
32-9The CorkscrewOcala15%
33-18Twisted Trunk Brewing Co.Palm Beach Garden14%
34+5Brewers’ Tasting RoomTampa14%
35-25Fat Point Brewing Co.Punta Gorda14%
36-23Sea Dog Brewing Co.Buena Vista13%
37-6First Magnitude Brewing Co.Gainesville13%
38+7Veterans United Craft BreweryJacksonville12%
39-13Wop’s Hops Brewing Co.Sanford12%
40-15Momentum BrewhouseBonita Springs12%
41-12Old Soul BrewingFt. Myers12%
42-23Playalinda Brewing Co.Titusville12%
43+15Pinglehead Brewing CompanyOrange Park12%
44-7Daytona Beach Brewing Co.Daytona Beach12%
45-39J Wakefield BrewingMiami10%
46+89Cocoa Beach Brewing Co.Cocoa Beach10%
47-30Las Tapas Restaurant & BreweryThe Villages10%
48-1Orchid Island BreweryVero Beach9%
49+27St. Pete Brewing Co.St. Petersburg8%
50+2Sailfish Brewing Co.Vero Beach8%
52+7Sarasota Brewing Co.Sarasota7%
53-26Kelly’s Caribbean Bar & GrillKey West7%
54-8Fort Myers Brewing Co.Ft. Myers7%
55-37Biscayne Bay Brewing Co.Miami7%
56+78A1A Ale WorksSt. Augustine6%
57-19Oyster City Brewing Co.Apalachicola6%
58+7Cycle BrewingSt. Petersburg6%
59+19Wynwood Brewing CompanyMiami6%
60-19Motorworks BrewingBradenton5%
61+25Aardwolf Brewing Co.Jacksonville5%
62+70Redlight RedlightOrlando5%
63-19Proof Brewing Co. (Production Brewery)Tallahassee5%
64+77Bugnutty Brewing Co.Merritt Island5%
65-57Barrel of Monks Brewing Co.Boca Raton5%
66+67Sea Dog Brewing Co.Clearwater5%
67-3Point Ybel Brewing CompanyFt. Myers5%
68-15Pair O’Dice Brewing Co.Clearwater4%
690Intracoastal Brewing CompanyMelbourne4%
70-14Big Bear Brewing Co.Coral Springs4%
71-47Naples Beach BreweryNaples4%
72-44Green Bench Brewing Co.St. Petersburg3%
73-23Three Palms BrewingTampa3%
74-38Burkes of IrelandCrystal River3%
75-8Saltwater BreweryDelray Beach3%
76-5Southern Brewing & WinemakingTampa3%
77-2Props Brewery & GrillFt. Walton Beach3%
78+2Swamp Head BreweryGainesville3%
79+38Momo’s Pizza & BrewpubTallahassee3%
80-18River City Brewing CompanyJacksonville3%
81-30Darwin Brewing Co.Bradenton2%
82-193 Daughters BrewingSt. Petersburg2%
83-6Orlando BrewingOrlando2%
84-18Pensacola Bay BreweryPensacola2%
85-15Two Henrys Brewing Co.Plant City2%
86-18Yuengling Brewing Co.Tampa2%
87+58Florida Beer CompanyCape Canaveral2%
88+3Tampa Bay Brewing CompanyTampa2%
89-157venth Sun BreweryDunedin2%
90-1Barley Mow Brewing Co. TavernLargo2%
91+1Funky Buddha BreweryBoca Raton2%
92+46Cigar City Brewing Co. at Tampa Int’l AirportTampa2%
93+36R-Bar & GrilleTreasure Island2%
94-37Annheuser BuschJacksonville2%
95-5McGuire’s Irish PubPensacola1%
96+29Intuition Ale WorksJacksonville1%
97-55JDub’s Brewing CompanySarasota1%
98-16Rapp Brewing CompanyPinellas Park1%
99-16Green Room BrewingJacksonville Beach1%
100+27Titanic Brewery & RestaurantCoral Gables1%
101+19Mt Dora BrewingMt. Dora0%
102+26Miami Brewing Co.Homestead0%
103-8Organic Brewery BrewpubHollywood0%
104NR26° Brewing Co.Pompano Beach0%
105NRBangin’ Banjo Brewing Co.Pompano Beach0%
106-9Engine 15 Brewing Co. (Production Brewery)Jacksonville0%
107NRHidden Springs Ale WorksTampa0%
108-78Citrus Park House of BeerCitrus Park0%
109-9Lake Tribe Brewing CompanyTallahassee0%
110NRGrasslands Brewing Co.Tallahassee0%
111-71010 Brewing Co.Orlando0%
112NRRitz Carlton Grande LakesOrlando0%
113-102JW Marriott Grande LakesOrlando0%
114-9Dixie Grill and BarWest Palm Beach0%
115NRDevour Brewing Co.Boynton Beach0%
116-10Barley Mow Brewing Co. (Production Brewery)Largo0%
117NRCrooked Thumb BrewerySafety Harbor0%
118NRUrban Comfort Restaurant and BrewerySt. Petersburg0%
119-8Mizkan AmericasAlfred0%
120-8Florida Distillers CompanyAuburndale0%
121-8Florida Distillers CompanyWinter Haven0%
122-6Persimmon Hollow Brewing Co.DeLand0%
123+17Tall Paul’s Brew HouseGainesville0%
124+19Saint Somewhere Brewing CompanyTarpon Springs0%
125-41Proof Brewing Co. Pub & Bottle ShopTallahassee0%
126-53New Smyrna Beach Brewing Co.New Smyrna Beach0%
127-9Dunedin BreweryDunedin0%
128-43Organic Brewery Production BreweryHollywood-1%
129+1Ormond Brewing CompanyOrmond Beach-1%
130-4McGuire’s Irish PubDestin-1%
131-9Tequesta Brewing CompanyTequesta-1%
132-8Seven Bridges Grille & BreweryJacksonville-1%
133-79Bold City BreweryJacksonville-2%
134-13Longneck Brew HouseStuart-2%
135+1Florida Avenue Brewing Co.Tampa-2%
136-81Engine 15 Brewing Co.Jacksonville Beach-2%
137-77BrewzziBoca Raton-2%
138+1Big Storm Brewing Co.Odessa-2%
139-90Six Ten BrewingTampa-3%
140-68Cigar City BrewpubTampa-3%
141-10The Funky Buddha LoungeBoca Raton-4%
142-19Ragtime Tavern Seafood & GrillAtlantic Beach-4%
143-55Big River Grille & Brewing WorksBuena Vista-4%
144-63Mack HouseFt. Lauderdale-4%
145-51Charlie & Jakes Brewery GrilleMelbourne-6%
146-85Big Top Brewing Co.Sarasota-6%
147-44Cask & LarderWinter Park-6%
148-113Zeta Brewing Co. (Brewpub)Jacksonville Beach-7%
149-5Peg’s Cantina & BrewpubGulf Port-7%
150-102Copp Winery & BreweryCrystal River-7%
151-58Due South Brewing Co.Boynton Beach-8%
152-109Cafe KariboFernandina Beach-9%
153-16Cigar City BrewingTampa-12%
154-6Tomoka BreweryOrmond Beach-13%
155-54Fermentation LoungeTallahassee-25%
156-10Darwin’s on 4thSarasota-30%

Florida Breweries With No Reported Activity

Each month, a number of breweries report no retail sales or other taxable activities. The next table lists the licensed breweries that reported no activity for the twelve months through June 2015.

Florida Breweries with No Reported Taxpaid Activity
through June 2015
Organic Brewery Brewpub
26° Brewing Co.
Bangin’ Banjo Brewing Co.
Engine 15 Brewing Co. (Production Brewery)
Hidden Springs Ale Works
Lake Tribe Brewing Company
Grasslands Brewing Co.
1010 Brewing Co.
Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes
Dixie Grill and Bar
Barley Mow Brewing Co. (Production Brewery)
Crooked Thumb Brewery
Urban Comfort Restaurant and Brewery
Mizkan Americas
Florida Distillers Company
Florida Distillers Company

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