UPDATED: The Florida Breweries Report – February 2014

The number of breweries in Florida is growing rapidly, and existing Florida breweries are expanding steadily. To help Florida breweries and their supports stay informed about this expanding industry, we are beginning a new monthly feature: The Florida Breweries Report.

Update: The ABT’s monthly wholesale reports, which are the basis of The Florida Breweries Report, only reflects each brewery’s sale of its own beer in its taproom, not the beer that a brewery sells to a distributor. Our goal is to provide clarity about the growth of Florida’s brewing industry, so we appreciate the feedback we received from a number of brewers. We’ve update this report to reflect your feedback.

Notes about The Florida Breweries Report

Some notes about the Florida Breweries Report:

  • We would prefer to report on the production volume of Florida breweries, but that information is not publicly available. The only publicly available data is the volume of a brewery’s own beer it sells from its taproom (whether by the glass, in growlers, in kegs, or pre-packaged containers). Because Florida breweries put differing emphasis on sales through their taproom versus sales to distributor, we recognize that this is only a partial and incomplete manner of measuring a brewery’s size and growth. Still, we believe that compiling and reporting this publicly available data is valuable to highlight the growth of Florida’s breweries.
  • We kick off The Florida Breweries Report with taproom sale figures for the month of February 2014, which is the most recent month for which information is available from the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverage & Tobacco (ABT). We’ll post a new Florida Breweries Report soon after the ABT releases its sales information.
  • The figures on these report come directly from the ABT’s monthly wholesale reports for February 2014. The ABT reports direct-to-customer sale in gallons, but our report converts those numbers to barrels, the brewing industry standard (1 barrel = 31 gallons).
  • For Florida breweries less than 1 year old, the Florida Breweries Report makes note of the year that beer production began or is anticipated to begin (to the extent that information is available).
  • The Florida Breweries Report is limited to breweries holding a CMB license, which permits distribution. A separate Florida Brewpubs Report will report on Florida’s brewpubs holding a CMBP license.
  • We are not statisticians. There are probably better ways to do this, and we’re happy to hear them. Please feel free to post your comments and suggestions in the Replies section below.fermenter

Florida Breweries’ Monthly Taproom Sales

The first table in The Florida Breweries Report shows each Florida brewery’s taproom sales volume for the month of February 2014 (each brewery except Anheuser Busch’s Jacksonville plant, that is). No surprise that Cigar City Brewing tops the list, but the Top 5 showing of newcomer Saltwater Brewery is particularly impressive.

Monthly Taproom Sales Volumeby Florida Breweries (not named Anheuser Busch)
February 2014
(first month of production)
Production (Barrels)
1Cigar City Brewing      245.97
2Funky Buddha Brewery (June 2013)      114.75
3Tequesta Brewing Company      113.78
4Dunedin Brewery      109.73
5Saltwater Brewery (December 2013)       88.84
6Bold City Brewery       75.63
7Tampa Bay Brewing Company       72.15
8Cigar City Brewpub (May 2013)       56.53
9Green Room Brewing       54.15
10Swamp Head Brewery       52.83
11Pensacola Bay Brewery       43.91
123 Daughters Brewing (December 2013)       39.48
13Intuition Ale Works       39.09
147venth Sun Brewery       37.31
15Orlando Brewing       34.50
16Miami Brewing Co ( Formerly known as Schnebly Redland’s Winery & Brewery)       32.08
17Engine 15 Brewing Co.       31.86
18Green Bench Brewing Co. (September 2013)       31.15
19Florida Beer Company       28.66
20Due South Brewing Co.       28.65
21Cycle Brewing (December 2013)       27.71
22Props Brewery & Grill (September 2013)       27.61
23Aardwolf Brewing Co. (May 2013)       25.81
24Rapp Brewing Company       25.52
25Proof Brewing Co.       22.93
26Organic Brewery (May 2013)       22.18
27Barley Mow Brewing Co.       22.15
28Wynwood Brewing Company (September 2013)       22.03
29Mile Marker Brewing       20.00
30Fort Myers Brewing Co. (April 2013)       19.69
31Florida Ave Brewing Co. (Cold Storage Craft Brewery)       19.24
32Intracoastal Brewing Company (August 2013)       17.51
33Ormond Brewing Company (February 2014)       16.00
34Big Storm Brewing Co.       15.66
35The Hourglass Brewery       15.46
36Copp Winery & Brewery       13.55
37Southern Brewing & Winemaking (January 2013)       12.29
38Point Ybel Brewing Company (December 2013)       11.28
39Pinglehead Brewing Company       11.24
40New Smyrna Beach Brewing Co. (January 2014)         9.90
41Bugnutty Brewing Co. (September 2013)         9.47
42Peg’s Cantina & Brewpub         9.26
43Mt Dora Brewing         9.03
44Pair O’Dice Brewing Co. (October 2013)         7.61
45Longneck Brew House (February 2014)         7.08
46Coral Springs Tap House         6.40
47Cocoa Beach Brewing Co.         4.89
48Duke’s American Grill & Sports Brewery (Dec 2013)         4.03
49Florida Brewery (December 2013)         3.99
50Brewers’ Tasting Room (May 2013)         2.94
51Three Palms Brewing (June 2013)         2.10
52JDub’s Brewing Company (February 2014)         2.00
53Naples Beach Brewery         1.53
54Bella Brava (October 2013)         1.29
55Saint Somewhere Brewing Company         1.27
56Big Top Brewing Co. (February 2014)         0.81
57TCask & Larder Brewing Co. (June 2013)             –
57TESB Brewing Co. (March 2014)             –
57TFat Point Brewing Co. (July 2014 projected)             –
57TFlorida Distillers Company             –
57TFlorida Distillers Company             –
57TGrayton Beer Company (March 2014)             –
57THouse of Beer             –
57TLagniappe Brewing Company             –
57TMiskans Americas             –
57TMotorworks Brewing (March 2014)             –
57TSt. Pete Brewing Co. (April 2014)             –
57TTwo Henrys Brewing Company (September 2013)             –
57TZeke’s Brewing (June 2013)             –

Florida Breweries’ LTM Taproom Sales

The next table in the Florida Breweries Report includes the aggregate taproom sales volume of each brewery (in barrels) for the 12 months ending with the most recent month for which figures are available. This method of measuring sales is often referred to as “Last Twelve Months”–LTM for short. This is a method of measuring the month-to-month growth of a brewery’s taproom sales while taking into account seasonal variations.

For this first Florida Breweries Report, the LTM period runs from March 2013 through February 2014. Many Florida breweries have not be in operation since March 2013, so the aggregate taproom sales figures in this table does not reflect a full 12 months for several breweries. One of the breweries with less than 12 months of production is Funky Buddha, which makes it’s appearance in the Top 5 of this table remarkable.

Last Twelve Months (LTM) Taproom Sales Volume
by Florida Breweries (not named Anheuser Busch)
February 2014
RankBrewery (First Month of Production)Production (Barrels)
1Cigar City Brewing  3,148.23
2Tequesta Brewing Company  1,230.05
3Dunedin Brewery  1,220.03
4Funky Buddha Brewery (June 2013)  1,033.21
5Tampa Bay Brewing Company  1,020.48
6Bold City Brewery     928.30
7Swamp Head Brewery     777.68
8Green Room Brewing     659.35
9Due South Brewing Co.     658.07
10Pensacola Bay Brewery     605.04
11Intuition Ale Works     487.44
12Orlando Brewing     446.06
13Engine 15 Brewing Co.     377.81
14Cigar City Brewpub (May 2013)     365.85
15Mile Marker Brewing     362.56
167venth Sun Brewery     350.65
17Miami Brewing Co ( Formerly known as Schnebly Redland’s Winery & Brewery)     306.79
18Barley Mow Brewing Co.     271.10
19Florida Beer Company     251.12
20Green Bench Brewing Co. (September 2013)     241.71
21Rapp Brewing Company     236.60
22Proof Brewing Co.     213.41
23Florida Ave Brewing Co. (Cold Storage Craft Brewery)     178.95
24Organic Brewery (May 2013)     175.25
25Cask & Larder Brewing Co. (June 2013)     167.94
26Southern Brewing & Winemaking (January 2013)     164.75
27Fort Myers Brewing Co. (April 2013)     164.29
28The Hourglass Brewery     163.79
29Peg’s Cantina & Brewpub     157.80
30Saltwater Brewery (December 2013)     140.84
31Aardwolf Brewing Co. (May 2013)     133.79
32Big Storm Brewing Co.     132.19
33Pinglehead Brewing Company     128.20
34Intracoastal Brewing Company (August 2013)     126.87
35Props Brewery & Grill (September 2013)     121.98
36Wynwood Brewing Company (September 2013)     115.37
37Coral Springs Tap House     106.00
383 Daughters Brewing (December 2013)       92.97
39Lagniappe Brewing Company       89.15
40Mt Dora Brewing       83.55
41Copp Winery & Brewery       71.29
42Cycle Brewing (December 2013)       59.81
43Naples Beach Brewery       58.67
44Cocoa Beach Brewing Co.       56.28
45Bugnutty Brewing Co. (September 2013)       55.38
46Ormond Brewing Company (February 2014)       34.30
47Florida Brewery (December 2013)       31.94
48Point Ybel Brewing Company (December 2013)       28.64
49Pair O’Dice Brewing Co. (October 2013)       26.95
50Saint Somewhere Brewing Company       20.83
51Brewers’ Tasting Room (May 2013)       18.44
52New Smyrna Beach Brewing Co. (January 2014)       15.32
53Three Palms Brewing (June 2013)       13.10
54Duke’s American Grill & Sports Brewery (Dec 2013)        8.87
55Longneck Brew House (February 2014)        7.08
56Bella Brava (October 2013)        5.65
57JDub’s Brewing Company (February 2014)        2.00
58Big Top Brewing Co. (February 2014)        1.31
59Zeke’s Brewing (June 2013)        0.81
60TESB Brewing Co. (March 2014)             –
60TFat Point Brewing Co. (July 2014 projected)             –
60TFlorida Distillers Company             –
60TFlorida Distillers Company             –
60TGrayton Beer Company (March 2014)             –
60THouse of Beer             –
60TMiskans Americas             –
60TMotorworks Brewing (March 2014)             –
60TSt. Pete Brewing Co. (April 2014)             –
60TTwo Henrys Brewing Company (September 2013)             –

Florida Breweries’ LTM Growth in Taproom Sales

The last table in the Florida Breweries Report measures the growth of a brewery’s taproom sales volume by comparing the brewery’s Last Twelve Months’ (LTM) taproom sales volume through the most recent month for which figures are available against the same brewery’s LTM taproom sales volume through the prior month. This is just one way of measuring a brewery’s growth during the most recent month.

In this table, each brewery’s February 2014 LTM taproom sales volume is compared to its January 2014 LTM taproom sales volume. This method clearly favors those breweries that just opened in the last several months, for which the changes in monthly sales may drastically increase. Of this crop of new Florida breweries, New Smyrna Beach Brewing Co. made the biggest jump in taproom sales volume from January 2014 to February 2014.

Monthly Growth in LTM Taproom Sales Volume
of Florida Breweries not named Anheuser Busch
for the month of February 2014
(first month of production)
Monthly Growth
1New Smyrna Beach Brewing Co. (January 2014)183%
2Saltwater Brewery (December 2013)171%
3Big Top Brewing Co. (February 2014)161%
4Ormond Brewing Company (February 2014)87%
5Cycle Brewing (December 2013)86%
6Duke’s American Grill & Sports Brewery (December 2013)83%
73 Daughters Brewing (December 2013)74%
8Point Ybel Brewing Company (December 2013)65%
9Pair O’Dice Brewing Co. (October 2013)39%
10Bella Brava (October 2013)30%
11Props Brewery & Grill (September 2013)29%
12Aardwolf Brewing Co. (May 2013)24%
13Wynwood Brewing Company (September 2013)24%
14Copp Winery & Brewery23%
15Bugnutty Brewing Co. (September 2013)21%
16Three Palms Brewing (June 2013)19%
17Brewers’ Tasting Room (May 2013)19%
18Cigar City Brewpub (May 2013)18%
19Intracoastal Brewing Company (August 2013)16%
20Green Bench Brewing Co. (September 2013)15%
21Organic Brewery (May 2013)14%
22Florida Brewery (December 2013)14%
23Fort Myers Brewing Co. (April 2013)14%
24Funky Buddha Brewery (June 2013)12%
25Rapp Brewing Company6%
26Miami Brewing Co ( Formerly known as Schnebly Redland’s Winery & Brewery)6%
27The Hourglass Brewery4%
28Cigar City Brewing4%
29Engine 15 Brewing Co.4%
30Southern Brewing & Winemaking (January 2013)4%
31Bold City Brewery3%
32Proof Brewing Co.3%
33Dunedin Brewery2%
34Mt Dora Brewing2%
357venth Sun Brewery2%
36Big Storm Brewing Co.2%
37Saint Somewhere Brewing Company2%
38Pensacola Bay Brewery1%
39Swamp Head Brewery1%
40Orlando Brewing0%
41Mile Marker Brewing0%
42Green Room Brewing0%
43TCask & Larder Brewing Co. (June 2013)0%
43TESB Brewing Co. (March 2014)0%
43TFat Point Brewing Co. (July 2014 projected)0%
43TFlorida Distillers Company0%
43TFlorida Distillers Company0%
43TGrayton Beer Company0%
43THouse of Beer0%
43TJDub’s Brewing Company (February 2014)0%
43TLongneck Brew House (February 2014)0%
43TMiskans Americas0%
43TMotorworks Brewing (March 2014)0%
43TSt. Pete Brewing Co. (April 2014)0%
43TTwo Henrys Brewing Company (September 2013)0%
43TZeke’s Brewing (June 2013)0%
57Tequesta Brewing Company0%
58Florida Beer Company0%
59Florida Avenue Brewing Co. (formerly Cold Storage Craft Brewery)-1%
60Intuition Ale Works-1%
61Tampa Bay Brewing Company-1%
62Peg’s Cantina & Brewpub-2%
63Naples Beach Brewery-2%
64Barley Mow Brewing Co.-3%
65Due South Brewing Co.-4%
66Cocoa Beach Brewing Co.-4%
67Coral Springs Tap House-6%
68Pinglehead Brewing Company-8%
69Lagniappe Brewing Company-12%

Sixty-nine Florida breweries reflected on our first Florida Breweries Report. How many will it be next month and next year? We’re excited to track the growth of Florida’s brewing industry.

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