Contact Your Local Representative: NO on Senate Bill 1714

Here’s Why:

We don’t want to see Senate Bill 1714 pass in the Florida House of Representatives. It’s bad for Florida breweries and their loyal fans. Florida breweries deserve a bill that is in their language (i.e. barrels, not kegs) and is realistic to keep their industry thriving.

Beer IS business. And like every industry in both State and Federal Governments, breweries merit regulations that serve both the industry and the public. These regulations need to give the public a clear understanding of what the law means.

Senate Bill 1714 falls short of what the Florida beer industry needs and deserves.

Here’s How:

  • Contact the office of the Speaker of the House, Will Weatherford
  • Contact your Local Representative  (
  • Ask Rep Weatherford & Your Representative not to review Senate Bill 1714 in the House, and tell them Why (i.e. the bill was “slapped together”, or not practical for the Florida brewing industry, etc.).
  • Your communication will be much more persuasive if your message is concise and polite. 

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