Brewers’ Law 101: Florida Health Department Approval

Florida HealthHealth approval is required on all applications for the 2COP license and other licenses permitting consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises. Businesses that serve food or are located on premises licensed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s Division of Hotels and Restaurants, must obtain approval from that division. Businesses that do not serve food must contact the County Health Authority or the Florida Department of Health. Contact information for County Health Authorities is available here.

Generally, to pass your health inspection, you need the following:

  • 3-compartment sink with hot and cold water
  • “Quat” sanitizer and test strips
  • Hand wash sink with hot and cold water
  • Running hot water in bar area and restroom(s)
  • Restroom signage
  • Cooler/refrigerator
  • Glassware cleaning system (e.g. dishwasher or combination drip tray and glass rinser)
  • Cleaning supplies

At the inspection, have your 2COP license application and premises diagram with you. The inspector must sign Section 5 of the ABT’s Application for New Alcoholic Beverage License for the retail license (1COP, 2COP, or 4COP). By signing, the health inspector is confirming that your taproom or tasting room complies with the requirements of the Florida Sanitary Code.

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