2015 Legislative Updates via Florida Craft

The Florida Legislature’s 2015 session kicks off in less than a month, on March 3, 2015. If you enjoyed our posts during the last legislative session about the bills that promised to promote or destroy, respectively, Florida craft beverage industry, then head over to to FloridaCraft.org.

We’ll be posting legislative updates on Florida Craft’s website, leaving the Brewers’ Law website for Florida beverage manufacturers who need answers about what the law is, not anxiety about what it might become (remember last year, when nothing happened in the end?).

If you’re a beverage manufacturer or a manufacturer in planning, this is your place for the legal information you need right now. For the rest of you, head over to FloridaCraft.org for my post about House Bill 107, which promises big changes to Florida’s beverage laws to help craft brewers and distillers.

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