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The Compliant Florida Beer Festival

By Hans Splinter. Creative Commons.

Craft beer festivals are tremendously popular in Florida. The multiplication of beer festivals throughout the state has caused the state’s principal regulator of alcoholic beverages–the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco (the ABT)–to take a closer look at how beer festivals are operated. Like all activities involving alcohol beverages, Florida beer festivals are subject to a confusing web of state and local laws and ordinances.

The following tips are intended to help organizers of Florida paid-admission beer festivals understand how state and local laws and ordinance may impact their festivals.

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Perfect Pairing: 5 Myths About Florida Breweries and Restaurants

By Jackie Waters. Used with permission under Creative Commons license.

By Jackie Waters. Used with permission under Creative Commons license.

Nothing goes better with fresh brewed beer than a fresh cooked bratwurst–or pizza, or a burger, or a million other foods. So why don’t more Florida breweries have restaurants attached? For some breweries, it could be because of one of the several myths that persist about that perfect pairing: brewery and restaurant.

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The Florida Breweries Report – April 2014

Florida Breweries Report Logo (14.07.04)Brewpubs are breweries too, right? We think so. Even though the Floria ABT separates its reporting on the retail sales by Florida production breweries (CMB license) and Florida brewpubs (CMBP license), we don’t have to. For the first time, Florida breweries and brewpubs are all together in The Florida Breweries Report.

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The Florida Brewpubs Report – March 2014

Property of BrewerLong PLLC 2014 - Sarah Parker

There were no┬ánew brewpubs who joined the rank of active Florida brewpubs in March 2014. McGuire’s Irish Pub and Brewzzi again top the monthly sales rankings, but newcomer Tomoka Brewery and Fermentation Lounge had big months. Sailfish Brewing Company made the jump to the production brewery roles. It’s all on The Brewpub Report.

Notes about The Florida Brewpubs Report

  • We’ve made some improvements to our second installment of The Brewpub Report, including a new Ranking Change to show how each brewery’s monthly ranking compares to the prior month.
  • The Florida Brewpubs Report reflects the active CMBP-licensed breweries in Florida. The Florida Breweries Report separately tracks the taproom sales of Florida CMB-licensed breweries.

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What to Expect When You’re Expanding

As Florida-made craft beer, spirits, and wine continue to grow in popularity, Florida beverage manufacturers may find it hard to keep up with demand. Every growing manufacturer must ask: Should we expand?

Deciding to expand involves answering a slew of questions, all while keeping existing production on track. This article reviews four primary questions a manufacturer must answer when thinking about an expansion.

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Florida Brewpubs Report – February 2014

It’s not just production breweries that are driving the growth of Florida’s brewing industry. There’s a lot of good beer coming from Florida’s brewpubs. To help Florida brewpubs and their supports stay informed about the industry, and as a companion to The Florida Breweries Report, we are launching the Florida Brewpubs Report.

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