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Use Convertible Promissory Notes to Grow Your Business

What is a Convertible Promissory Note? A Convertible Promissory Note (“CPN”) is an option for companies that want to build capital without issuing stock or ownership units immediately. An investor, instead of receiving stock or another form of equity upon investment, would receive a CPN. The CPN is a form of debt that converts into equity (typically, preferred stock...

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Common Zoning Challenges for Florida Beverage Manufacturers

One of the greatest challenges to opening or expanding an alcoholic manufacturing plant–whether brewery, winery, or distillery–is complying with local zoning ordinances. While many Florida communities have enacted specific craft beverage ordinances, most have not. As a result, getting that all-important zoning approval for a new or amended alcohol manufacturing or retail license can pose a time and cost...

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Take Investment Dollars and Keep Them

Starting a new beverage manufacturing business takes more than a good beverage, it takes money. Selling ownership shares in your business is an attractive source of start-up funding, but it’s risky. When you take money from investors in exchange for ownership, two things are true. First, your investors expect you to deliver on your promises about the success of...

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Brewers’ Law 101: Florida Winery Licenses

Manufacturers and bottlers of wine in Florida are regulated by the State of Florida and the federal government. This post discusses the state-level licensing of wineries in Florida. Are you interested in opening a brewery instead? What license is required to make wine in Florida? The Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco (ABT) is authorized to issue two...

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Brewers’ Law 101: Florida Brewery Licenses & Florida Beer Laws

Brewers and breweries in Florida are regulated on both the state and federal levels. In this post, we will discuss the regulation at the state level. Are you interested in opening a winery instead? Florida Brewery Licenses To brew, you need a Florida CMB or CMPB License Brewers in Florida who want to make beer and sell it must...

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