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Compliance Checkup for Florida Alcoholic Beverage Companies

Happy New Year! The beginning of the year is a great time for alcoholic beverage industry members–manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers–to review the events of the prior and confirm that they have taken care of regulatory compliance. In addition to periodic reporting required at the federal and state levels, changes to ownership, management, or premises triggers the requirement to update...

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Brands | Read Time: 6 minutes

Considerations for Collaborations in Florida

A love for collaborations–“collabs”–is among the (many?) things that hip hop artists and craft alcohol manufacturers share in common. In both cases, the final product often appears to be a spontaneous creation of free-flowing, shared artistry. The reality is–or at least should be–a carefully plotted and executed navigation of fundamental questions about ownership, commercialization, and distribution. Whether a record...

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Florida | Read Time: 3 minutes

Florida Beverage Suppliers: Meet State Recordkeeping Requirement with 3 Record Types

Three Key Record Types Florida alcoholic beverage suppliers–manufacturers, broker-sales agents, importers, and exporters–are required to meet specific recordkeeping requirements under Florida law and regulations. These requirements are summarized below. Meeting these requirements is best done by creating and keeping to following three record types: Inventory Records should be kept and updated reflecting all products in inventory at a given...

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