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The Florida Wineries Report – August 2014

Florida Wineries Report LogoOne new winery and one new meadery in August’s Florida Winery Report.

Monthly Highlights

  • Two new manufacturers are added to The Florida Wineries Report: De Luna Winery in Pensacola, and In the Mead Time in West Palm Beach. Neither manufacturer reported retail sales in August.
  • Based on taxpaid sales, monthly sales at Florida’s wineries by 17.3%. Annualized sales for the winemakers’ was down by 0.97% compared to the prior month for the second month in a row.
  • Notes About The Florida Wineries Report have been moved to the bottom of this post.

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Label Laws for Florida Beverages

Beer Label 14.10.24Labels on alcoholic beverage containers must comply with both U.S. and Florida laws and regulations.

The reason these laws exist is to ensure container labels accurately represent the beverage inside. Beverage manufacturers must include specific information on the product labels. Florida manufacturers must also comply with the Florida Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco’s (ABT) label registration process and, in some cases, the federal Tax and Trade Bureau’s (TTB) label approval process.

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Brewers’ Law 101: Florida Winery Licenses

Manufacturers and bottlers of wine in Florida are regulated by the State of Florida and the federal government. This post discusses the state-level licensing of wineries in Florida.

Used with Permission From Creative Commons

Used with Permission From Creative Commons

How does the State of Florida define “wine”?

Manufacturers and bottlers of wine are subject the same licensing requirements in Florida, but what does wine include for this purpose? Wine includes all beverages made from fresh fruits, berries, or grapes, either by natural fermentation or by natural fermentation with brandy added. Cider is a wine according to Florida law, so cideries must be licensed as a winery rather than a brewery. Mead and honey wine do not exactly fall within the definition of wine under Florida law, but meaderies are generally required to be licensed as wineries too.

What license is required to make wine in Florida?

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2 & 10 … A Legal Budget for Successful Breweries, Wineries & Distilleries

It’s budgeting-season again for many business owners. As you’re putting together the budget for your brewery, don’t neglect to include legal expenses. A legal budget gives yourself advanced permission to call us for the legal needs of your brewery.

Your brewery’s legal budget should have two parts:

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