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The Florida Breweries Report – July 2014

Florida Breweries Report Logo (14.09.29)Four new breweries in this Florida Breweries Report, and annual sales growth is up again.

Notes about this edition of The Florida Breweries Report

  • This edition of The Florida Breweries Report reflects information about each brewery’s reported retail sale, as reflected on the ABT’s monthly wholesale reports for July 2014, the most recent information available. Actually, the numbers reported by production breweries (those that have a CMB license) is for all taxable activities, which includes both retail sales and other taxable transactions.
  • Full production numbers (including retail sales and other production) are not publicly available for production breweries. This means that the activity of production-only breweries is not fairly reflected in these reports. We’re working with the ABT to get full production numbers. While the ABT does collect full production numbers, it does not compile the numbers they same way they do the retail sale numbers.
  • Four new breweries are included in this edition of The Florida Breweries Report: Lakeland Brewing Co., MIA Brewing Co., Pareidolia Brewing Co., and Daytona Beach Brewing Co.
  • Based on retail sales, the Florida brewing industry’s annual growth rate increased to 6.78% in July 2014.

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UPDATED: The Florida Breweries Report – February 2014

The number of breweries in Florida is growing rapidly, and existing Florida breweries are expanding steadily. To help Florida breweries and their supports stay informed about this expanding industry, we are beginning a new monthly feature: The Florida Breweries Report.

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