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Florida Beer Bills Update – March 23, 2014

As of March 22, 2014, a total of 11 beverage industry bills are up for consideration in the Florida Legislature. All but a handful of those bills are focused on dramatically reshaping the operation of Florida’s breweries. To help beverage industry players and enthusiasts track the activity in Tallahassee, we bring you our weekly legislative update.

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Committee Approves New HB 387 Authorizing Beer Tastings

The Regulatory Affairs Committee unanimously approved House Bill 387, which authorizes beer tastings at licensed premises. However, this isn’t exactly the same HB 387 we reviewed several weeks ago (in Beer Bills Pending for 2014 Florida legislative session). The text of HB 387 was entirely rewritten by a Committee Substitute. The substitute text closely matches the beer tasting provisions of House Bill 7075 (analyzed in Florida Beer Bill Provides Comprehensive Rules for Taprooms, Brewpubs, Tastings, & Growlers – FL HB 7075), with a few exceptions. One notable difference: HB 387 authorizes 3.5 oz beer samples as compared to 3.0 oz samples authorized by HB 7075.

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