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The Florida Breweries Report – August 2014

Florida Breweries Report Logo (14.09.29)Three new breweries in August’s Florida Breweries Report.

Monthly Highlights

  • Three new breweries are included in this edition of The Florida Breweries Report: LauderAle in Ft. Lauderdale, Burkes of Ireland in Crystal River, and Momentum Brewhouse in Bonita Springs.
  • Three breweries drop off The Florida Breweries Report, because they are no longer licensed to manufacturer beer: Marco Island Brewery, Bella Brava, and Seadog Brewing Co. (Buena Vista).
  • In August 2014, the total number of reporting breweries stands at 106. Of those 99 reported taxpaid sales.
  • Month-to-month retail sales was up 5.06% in August 2014. Total sales during the rolling last-twelve-months (LTM) increased by 7.35%.

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Florida Breweries Benefit from Local Support


Credit Sam Slaughter, Persimmon Hollow Brewing Co.

In her August 1, 2014 column, Orlando Sentinel columnist Beth Kassab celebrates Central Florida’s growing number of breweries and the support they’re getting from local government officials. At the same time, Ms. Kassab takes aim at Florida’s state-level politicians, most of whom haven’t given much help or attention to Florida breweries.

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The Florida Breweries Report – April 2014

Florida Breweries Report Logo (14.07.04)Brewpubs are breweries too, right? We think so. Even though the Floria ABT separates its reporting on the retail sales by Florida production breweries (CMB license) and Florida brewpubs (CMBP license), we don’t have to. For the first time, Florida breweries and brewpubs are all together in The Florida Breweries Report.

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UPDATED: The Florida Breweries Report – February 2014

The number of breweries in Florida is growing rapidly, and existing Florida breweries are expanding steadily. To help Florida breweries and their supports stay informed about this expanding industry, we are beginning a new monthly feature: The Florida Breweries Report.

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Florida Beverage Industry Bills Update – May 4, 2014

Intuition Ale Works Owner Ben Davis, Speaking at Post-Legislative Event

Intuition Ale Works Owner Ben Davis, Speaking to Craft Beer Supports about Legislative Session

The 2014 session of the Florida Legislature ended, Friday, May 2. Twelve bills were proposed to change Florida laws governing the beverage industry. None of them got passed by both houses of the Legislature. The only beverage bill that got to a floor vote–Senate Bill 1714, which passed the Senate by a vote of 30-10–was loudly decried by Florida brewery owners and their supporters.

In this final weekly update on the 2014 session, we discuss SB 1714’s dramatic passage by the Senate, and its undramatic dismissal by the House. We’ll also review the current state of Florida beverage law. Finally we’ll try to predict what may happen between now and the start of the Florida Legislature’s 2015 session.

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Florida Beverage Industry Bills Update – April 27, 2014

***Updated April, 27, 2014 9:00 pm to reflect proposed strike-all amendment to Senate Bill 1714 filed by bill sponsor, Senator Kelli Stargel. Updates reflected as struck-through and underlined text.***

This past week saw action on only two beverage bills, but the action was dramatic. With one week remaining in the 2014 Florida legislative session, the story becomes a tale of two Senate bills.

Senate Bill 470 would have done nothing more than allow beer tastings at licensed retailers. Senate Bill 1714 would completely up-end how Florida breweries map a path to commercial success, putting a big toll on their access to consumers. Only one of these bills is poised to get a vote on the Senate floor–guess which one.

Trading Places

Please let us know what you think in our Replies Section. Subscribe to BrewersLaw.com to stay informed.

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Florida Beer Bill Provides Comprehensive Rules for Taprooms, Brewpubs, Tastings, & Growlers – FL HB 7075

In House Bill 7075, the Florida House of Representative’s Business & Professional Regulation Subcommittee introduced a set of rules intended to clarify how Florida breweries get beer in their hands of consumers. The bill answers persistent questions about taprooms, brewpubs, beer tastings, and growlers.

Used with Permission from Creative Commons

Used with Permission from Creative Commons

Two Kinds of Taprooms Permitted

House Bill 7075 divides brewery taprooms into two categories: unlicensed taprooms and licensed taprooms.

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