About Us

Trevor Brewer & Michael Long met in 1997 at Emory University School of Law and have been friends ever since. In 2008 both Trevor & Michael left their perfectly good, big law firm jobs and started BrewerLong, a small law firm based in Maitland, FL – just outside of Orlando. Although Trevor & Michael have a few core practice areas, business law commands their interest.

Trevor is an advisor and resource to his clients when they need practical thinking, organization and a fresh perspective. He loves spreadsheets and checklists. Trevor also enjoys assisting with mergers, acquisitions, and writing agreements.

Michael is a talented litigator whose top priority is to better his clients’ circumstances. Along with litigation, Michael also enjoys drafting contracts and protecting clients’ intellectual property.

The rest of the Brewers’ Law Team consists of Kara Solebello (Legal Assistant), Robert Durnan (Business Development Manager), and Beatriz Garcia (Receptionist). They keep the firm moving smoothly.

WHY CRAFT BEVERAGES? Why not?! We are a law firm that loves good beer, wine, cider, mead and distilled spirits of all kinds. We also love things that are made in our local communities and throughout the State of Florida.

The Brewers’ Law team loves working with the craft beverage community because they reflect our own personalities and work: Smart, vibrant, and at times, a little eccentric. In all seriousness, our ultimate goal is to provide quality, affordable counsel, and to serve as teachers when it comes to laws that affect brewers, vintners, distillers and their respective businesses.

Read more about how we were originally inspired to help the Florida craft beverage industry in this article by the Tampa Beer Geek, Alan Shaw. Also find Trevor quoted in an article from Slate discussing Florida beer and why 64 oz growlers are still (as of 2014) illegal.